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  1. Question re. CHF

    Hi I'm from Australia, CHFor LVF as some call it usually is treated from the cause, as some forget to take their antidiuretics or other reasons. Frusimide is the drug of choice for a good diuresis, if BP is low them maybe peep mask or if BP is stable...
  2. staffing in icu

    I work in a 10 bed ICU/CCU if one patient were left, it is hospital policy to be left with 3 RNs at all times in case of code blues in the hospital or in our own ward, our other staff are deployed to work in other areas.
  3. Hot topic

    I have one son circumcised and one not as gynae doctors feel it is no longer necessary due to our high hygiene levels today. My oldest son is 21 and my youngest son is 14. It doesn't seem to matter to either of them. Let's not interefere with nature.
  4. Why did you go into Nursing?

    I went into nursing to help others as I put others before myself. Yes it can be frustrating, but also challenging. Where can you get a job when each new day maybe different from yesterday? I meet new challenges everyday, it's tiring but well worth sa...