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  1. New grad in OB/L&D? Opinions please.

    My personal experience was going straight from a BSN program to working in L&D; there have been some cases where more med/surg experienc would have been helpful, but on the whole I'm glad I just jumped right into OB!! If the unit offers a 3-mon...
  2. Deposition

    I personally have never been involved in a deposition, but I work with a nurse who has, and she felt her best resource was the risk manager at the hospital(she's also a nurse). Hope that helps; good luck!!!
  3. information on L&D Nursing!

    Personally, I went the BSN route. It was tough, but I'm glad I did! It helps to have a broad base of nursing knowledge; you don't have to remember EVERYthing, but it's nice to know it's lurking in your subconscious! In AR, there's not really a pa...
  4. Job Description for L&D nursing

    Good question, and good replies!! I find it interesting that your research paper is based on defining a job description. IMHO, here's another one (tongue in cheek, of course LOL): A LDRP nurse should be of above average intelligence, multilingu...
  5. Misoprostol

    It was quite interesting to read all the posts re: Cytotec!!! Where I work the general consensus among the docs is that they love it; they don't have to "deal" with a laboring client as long. Among the nurses, however, different story!!! We've had f...

    Where I work ACLS (:eek is not required for LDRP nurses; we are CPR and NALS certified. I know that in states such as Texas, you are required to be ACLS certified. It's never been mentioned at the hospital where I work; hope it doesn't come!! Hav...
  7. intact perineum

    There are things that can be done to help decrease/prevent trauma. One of our CNM's encourages her clients to do perineal massage beginning in about their 32nd wk (either themselves or their SO); it really makes a difference, both physically and men...
  8. Pitocin

    I agree, pit does make labor harder (speaking from both professional and personal experience )! A lot of the doc's I work with are starting to use Cytotec as the primary induction agent...which is a lot worse than pit!! At least with pit, you can t...
  9. mother baby nursing- how do you do it?

    We have 19 LDRP rooms and 3 observation rooms. Although all RN's are supposed to be crosstrained to do everything, there are some who aren't, which makes it more difficult for others!! We have between 1500-2000 deliveries a year, so when our unit is ...
  10. nursery or rooming in

    The hospital where I work has rooming-in, but it's not continuous. Most of the pediatricans want the babies in the nursery by 0530 or 0600, and if they're not, Heaven help you!! There are a couple of pedi's who will go out to mom's room, but for the ...
  11. couplet assignments

    What a loaded question!!!! To be honest, it depends on your charge nurse; it could be anywhere from one couplet and a labor pt, to up to 5 couplets! Although we're supposed to be a LDRP, it's still the division of L&D nurses, and postpartum nurs...
  12. deliveries who attends

    "Policy" is that two nurses are to attend every delivery, but in the real world sometimes it's just one nurse! If mom is preterm, or there's meconium, etc, then sometimes a nursery nurse will attend (sometimes even the pediatrician). We're seriously ...
  13. A joke

    Quite hilarious!! I've worked L&D for a LONG time now, and having a primip deliver that quickly is RARE!!! I know exactly what you mean about the ER sending up anyone who's pregnant; what's really entertaining are those phone calls "We're sendin...
  14. sterile vaginal exams

    Where I work, we use sterile gloves. If they're ruptured, and especially if the mom is GBs+, we limit the number of exams. (But we do have one physician who does exams with clean gloves.)

    It's not standard practice for our doc's to give Versed prior to placing an epidural, but they are very generous with the pain meds (epidural or IV). We have a couple of docs who like to give something to the mom after the baby delivers, to try to h...