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  1. AARN

    How to prepare for LVN/LPN school

    congratulations! Be prepared to study, if you don't understand something look it up, utillize the study guides that come with the book, when you read the review questions read the rationales, if you miss any questions on your exams review the exam and learn from the mistakes, all of the information builds on itself. How you study and what you study depends on your academic background. utilize your lab and clinical time to gain hands on practical knowledge, your instructors will take notice. Don't let yourself hang out with negative classmates on a regular basis, most important you can't pass by memorizing, read it, think about, and do your best to understand and comprehend the information.. It also helps to familarize yourself with how the books are designed to help you learn. Don't fall behind on your reading. hope this help.
  2. AARN

    High tuition vs. Wait list need help fast!!!!

    I got my LVN from an adult school, paid cash and was done. There were a few of us who already had degrees so we didn't quallify for financial aid, but almost everybody else did. I then discovered while doing clinicals that we were really well prepared after talking with students from private schools. Also there are several hospitals that will help you get into RN bridge programs and pay you while hyou are in school. If you apply now you can start an LVN program at a local public school before the end of summer. For a fraction of private school price. Also look at the state board websites for complaints and pass rates.
  3. I had all my pre-reqs, but was wait listed so I took the LVN route, it was less than a year and then I bridged into the same rn program I was waiting for, I really didn't loose any time because I wasn't called to start until I was 2 weeks shy of graduation.