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    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Well hopefully this works..PVT says I passed! Keeping my fingers crossed...
  2. jseitz

    Hondros in Cincinnati

    Hi Mitchsa, I'm starting the LPN program in July as well. I do know a girl that I work with that is currently in the RN program and has completed the LPN program through Hondros. She said that even though they only accept 32 in the RN program she had no troubles getting in. The reason for this is that even though 60 people go into LPN, many people drop out for various reasons, not to mention students whos grades do not qualify them to continue in the program. Another thing she said was that only 12 of her 60 went into the RN program and out of the 35 or so that graduated, most just went straight into LPN jobs and planned on finishing RN later, maybe to see if their employer would pay for their schooling. I wouldn't worry about getting into the RN program, just focus and study hard and keep your grades up and you shouldn't have any problems continuing in the RN program.