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    selection criteria

    So these are interview questions?
  2. TemperanceRN

    Is the back of the gown sterile?

    Anything you can't see or that is behind you is not sterile. That's why you never turn your back on your sterile field.
  3. TemperanceRN

    Mother/Baby or Maternity

    Hi all, I'd appreciate some guidance here. I am a US born, US educated BSN with 9 years experience at this point. I do mother/baby or postpartum and nursery nursing. I am wondering if that translates in Australia, probably NSW somewhere. I know in the UK, they depend mostly on midwives for this kind of work in the hospital. I am not interested in any other kind of work but I would be amenable to clinic work or even home care. Is this possible there? I am beginning an MSN program in January and in 2 years will be a women's health NP. Does this translate there? I am at the beginning of my research at this point in time and am just putting some feelers out to see how employable I would be. Thanks in advance Temperance
  4. And that just goes to show you that she did exactly what she was accused of. If I had done nothing wrong, I would share my side of the story with my accusers and let them think what they want. As long as I had my say it wouldn't matter any more what they chose to think. This woman put herself and her license to shame and now its been taken away.