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    Im so excited, finally

    :hatparty: i really just wanted to share my excitement with others who have probably felt the same way at one time as i am right now. i have been excepted to nmc's nursing program. i have been waiting a very long time for this, in fact about 10 years and i can see the light. undefinedwe must become the change that we want to see...

    Question for LPN's in AZ

    hello, i will be entering the lpn program here in mi in 8/04. i will be moving to az due to my husbands job after i am finished. currently i work in a fp office as a cma and i make $15/hr. what type of job will i be able to get there and in what field as an lpn. i have 10 years exp. i am going for my lpn first because i would have to wait a whole year to even get into the rn program. is there any lpn to bsn programs out there and do you need to take the net test for all nursing schools there? (which i think is very ridiculous). thank you..undefined we must become the change that we want to see..

    Northwestern MI College

    Thank you,

    Northwestern MI College

    Hello, Is there anyone that has attended NMC in Traverse City? I would like to know what their program is like and how you liked it? I live in Indian River and NCMC is closer for me in Petoskey but it is way too political. You have to pull teeth to get in their. Thank you, I would appreciate your input Rebecca:D

    Questions regarding Benson AZ

    I was wondering if anyone lives or knows anything about Benson? My husband and I have been looking at possible places to live for when he is transferred to AZ. Currently we live in Northern MI and Benson looks pretty comparable. We are use to traveling to get to anywhere. Also is there any that has went to Pima or U of AZ. Im still confused on some of the details of their R.N programs... Thank you, Rebecca:D


    Thank you everyone so far for replying. I will look further into the other colleges. I am not in the nursing program yet. I have taken all of my pre-requisits. I did take micro here in MI but I got a C-. Missed a C by about 20 points so I have to take that over again and I am really dredding. I have to take Algebra because my nursing medication class is not good enough, and I'm doing my Pharm on line this semester. Everything else is done and then some...I have been going for about 10years and have already been to 3 different colleges. Hopefully this will be it... Thanks :)


    Hello, I am writing from Michigan. My husband will be transfering to Arizona and I am scheduled to enter into my clinical in Sept 04'. If he is transferred before then I am hoping to do my clinicals in AZ. Could someone tell me what is the the difference between AAS (associates of applied science degree) and ADN (associates degree nursing)? Sorry if this is a silly question. I am interested in Registered nursing. I have too many classes done for my LPN. Im not sure if states vary. Also does anyone have any suggestion as far as colleges around the Phoenix, Tuscon area? The college I attend now is very small. Thank you for all of your help. Hopefully I did not send this in twice... BIGCITY:confused:

    Nursing Degree Question

    Hello, I am writing from Michigan and my husband will be transfering to Arizona. I am scheduled to enter into the nursing program here in Sept 04'. If he is transferred to AZ by then I will hopefully be able to do my clinicals there. I have been looking at different colleges. In Phoenix, Tucson area. Does anyone have any suggestions on different colleges around these areas? Also could someone tell me the difference in Associates of Applied Science (AAS) and Associates Degree Nursing (ADN)? I am currently persuing my Associates R.N. I know that states can vary. Thanks for reading my book of questions...:) BIGCITY:confused: