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    Did I pass the liscensure exam?

    Please someone out there that knows about this HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I graduated from Nursing School last month. I always did very well in all my nursing classes, and when I took my ATI RN predictor exam (the one that simulates an NCLEX exam), I scored in a high percentile (I was told that I was 93% likely to pass the NCLEX on the first try). I took my NCLEX on Thursday (June 18th). I got all questions (all 265!)!! I was freaking out thinking I didn't do well because I received all of those questions, but I have heard that it does not matter, you can pass or fail at any number. Now here is my dilemma. I took the exam on Thursday, yesterday (Friday) on my State's Website (NYS office of the professions) my limited permit was listed as a "Valid Permit" until about 4:30pm. I received my limited permit to work as a nurse under the supervision of an RN until I obtain my RN license last week (same time I recived my ATT and scheduled my NCLEX exam). Around 7pm, I was notified by someone that my permit status had been changed from "Valid Permit" to "Permit Expired." I am totally freaked out. I checked to see if my license was issued but nothing yet. However, keep in mind that the office of the professions was closed when my permit status was changed, causing me to believe that it was just done automatically through the computer when my NCLEX results were transmitted to the State. The office of the professions is only open from 8:30am-4:45pm Monday-Friday. I went onto the Pearson Vue website to see if I could check my exam results with he Quick Results service and it says that my "exam results are not ready at this time." I have no idea if I passed or failed and its the weekend, so I have no way to tell until Monday!!!! Most people I know think I passed because my permit just expired itself the day after I took my exam. The law in NY, states that, "The permit shall expire on the date listed (for mine it was 6/14/10), or after 10 DAYS following notification to the permittee (myself) of failing of the NCLEX examination, whichever shall occur first. Of course it also automatically expires when you get your license because you no longer need it. Therefore most people think it just expired because I passed and the computer just did it, and that I will have my license issued on Monday when the Office of the Professions opens. I am hoping this it true. I would think it is because the earliest I could be notified of failing the exam would be Monday, and the law clearly states that I have 10 days from that date of notification until my permit would expire. Does anyone know if the state waits the 10 days before it changes your status to expired if you fail (I would assume they must if that is the law), or does it just automatically do it? Or does it also just automatically expire itself if you pass immediately following notification of passing (to the state via the computer, electronically)? Please let me know. It would be a such a relief for me to just be able to tell if I passed or failed before Monday. Thanks everyone!!! Sorry for the long message, just so freaked out and nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!