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  1. How many do this?

    We cover 7 counties, my territory is at least 20 miles from the office, but I get paid milage. I see between 6-8 pt's per day (but last week hit my all time high of 12) we are on call from 4:30pm to 8am next working day, and we each do this 1 out o...
  2. Medication Reconciliation

    Our Med Rec is done on admission, recert, DC, and when a new med is added. Ours is like this: How we reconcilled (using hospital dc sheets, ect) allergies look alike sound alike (are they on metformin and metoprolol? how will they keep them straigh...
  3. wayyyy too low of pay to deal with this! I am hourly, get paid more than $20/hr, and get 55 cents per mile. This is the norm for my state.
  4. How many do you Case Manage in a Certified Home Health Agency?

    I case manage probably 25, my standard day is between 6 to 8 visits, does not matter if these are every 2 week supp visits or all SOC's. My manager really tries hard to make sure we nurses (there are 3 of us) each have a good mix of daily pts (like ...
  5. recertification

    I know I'm a little late, but what exactly did you want to know about a recert?
  6. Need reassurance

    I injured my back as an aid back in 2003 just carrying something down the hallway... I have horrible back pain everyday and need surgery to correct the pain, which the MD says will never completely go away. Protect yourself! As they say: "What do ...
  7. Several questions from a new HH RN

    I'm a nurse with LTC and M/S experience about to start my first HH position. I do have a few questions for the experienced: 1.) My company states that we should wear "Business casual" to our patient's homes. Anyone else have to do this? I was sho...
  8. As a new grad LPN in LTC: $17/h. Same facility when I got my RN: $21/h. This is in Johnson County.
  9. NHRMC

    I currently work at NHRMC.... pay SUCKS (about 3$ less than where I moved here from), I love the facility though. They just did a huge renovation, and it is beautiful, all private rooms, ect. LOTS of new grads very few experienced nurses though. A...
  10. Wilmington NC Area Salaries & UNCW FNP Program

    I'm interested in what you found out about WIlmington area salaries? I am a recent grad with LPN experience and I was just hired in Wilmington with a base pay of 19.95/hr. A little bit of a pay cut from where I moved from, but wanted to be closer t...
  11. Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    Yes, however the exceptial part of the story was the dramatic spiking of the beer bag IV!:) Actually, this happens quite often. The treatment for delerium tremens due to alcohol withdrawal is alcohol, often beer. Originally Posted by kirkwoodLPN200...
  12. I FINALLY had my first interview today for an RN position. I am a new grad, but I have my current LPN license and work in LTC. I have been applying like crazy to one hospital in particular where my husband and I want to move. I was on the phone wi...
  13. Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    My sister-n-law swears up and down that some guy she knew that is an alcoholic was on the verge of death in the ICU, when his wife came running in and yelled "he's not dying, he needs a beer!" so the Dr. spiked an IV bag of Coors and now the guy is a...
  14. How many residents do you care for Per Shift?

    I would tell any new grad to stay away from LTC. Not that I don't love my job, I do. However, especially for a new nurse, LTC is the worst place to start (believe me, I know, it's where I've started). Long term care facilities are the second-most ...
  15. How many residents do you care for Per Shift?

    See, my issue is that we can't do that at our facility.... Say I work 1400-2230. Our meds are labeled and scheduled as "1430" "1500" "1630" 1700" "2000" "2100" and "2200". You can only pass pills 1 hour before or after scheduled times. Then you ru...