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  1. kristiel6

    Does Pima Medical Institute have a LPN to RN program?

    It is also offered in Mesa and I think somewhere in New Mexico
  2. kristiel6

    Does Pima Medical Institute have a LPN to RN program?

    I finished this program and passed NCLEX-RN December 1st:anpom:
  3. kristiel6

    *Help*Pima Medical Institute LPN-RN

    I am in the Tucson program and it is extremely difficult for many of us in the class. Hrs: Mo 8a-12p, Tu 8a-430p We 615a-615p(clinicals, but can be any day of the week), and Thu 8a-230p. There is tons of reading and homework. Probably shouldn't work, although I am..but I happen to have a homehealth nursing job that allows me to study. You'll have roughly 6 classes a week, includes LPN refresher and you will have to take LPN Hesi afterward, med/surg. clinical, pharmacology, and labs. Good luck, I dropped once, but the school talked me into coming back...
  4. kristiel6

    Any PIMA medical Students out there? Help

    I am in block 5, but started there, because I am already an Lpn. Very difficult for me, tons and tons of reading and homework. Classes in Tucson are Mo 8a-12p, Tu 8a-430p, wed clinicals 0615-615p (but can be on Sundays), and Thu 8a-230p. Be sure you have plenty of time and DON'T work....
  5. kristiel6

    Pima Medical Institute

    I am currently in this program in Tucson. I joined in the 5th semester as an Lpn. This program for me is very difficult. Schedule is this: Monday 8a-12p labs. Tue 8a-930a then return at 1p and go until 1630 (pain in the ass, since I live so faraway, can't go home) Wed: Clinical 0615-1815 and Thursday 08a-1430. In a couple of weeks this will change, my clinicals will then be on Sundays. You are basically in 6 classes a week and there is tons and tons of reading and homework. I almost dropped it was so stressful with working and children, and my husband in nursing school. But the staff were just wonderful as well as my classmates at getting me to return. There have been at least 3-50 question exams and several quizzes since I joined March 22nd and I have not passed one yet!! I am not the only one with this problem, there are at least 3 others. I have not been in nursing school for 18 years. We had a math test a couple of weeks ago on gtt/ml gtt/min and how they relate to volume and gtt factor only 2 out of 30 passed that. However, I am continuing on and if I fail which right now even though I have failed these tests, my overall is 77% with all the homework we have to turn in, at least I am getting 100% on that:). If you don't pass this class, but from what I understand, they will make sure I do..(if I do, the NCLEX will be a breeze, because this cirriculum is way beyond NCLEX)you can take it over at no charge. I do recommend this program, just be prepared for lots and lots of studying. The faculity at the Swan/Broadway campus are absolutely awesome!!! This program for me entering as an Lpn is $17,000.00 well worth it!!
  6. kristiel6

    LPN to RN programs??

    Pay can vary by whom you work for and how many years experience...in my case I made $55,000.00 last year in homehealth, The VA is your best bet, they are unionized and start new LPN's around $32-36,000.00 yearly, but you always get a cost of living raise every year on top of your annual salary raise., the benefits are excellent and well worth the long trek it takes to get in....lots of paperwork...I've seen lpn's offered as low as $15.00 per hour, which isn't bad for no experience...if it's only money and learning experience you are looking for then go with the agencies they pay more, just no benefits..goodluck to you
  7. kristiel6

    Sometimes I'm so sick of the crap at work

    Sounds like your nurse manager has a problem. He/she should have taken you aside and discussed it, not put it in your mail box.
  8. kristiel6

    LPN to RN programs??

    I have been an LPN for 18 years and have never had a problem finding work. I recently was accepted into the LPN-RN bridge program at Pima Medical Institute, but before you think of doing an LPN program try them first, they offer a full RN program with some pre-reqs included. They have classes in Mesa and Tucson...Good luck!
  9. I agree with all the replies, I have been an Lpn for 18 years, I have never complained because I want the experience...if I don't know how to do something, or am afraid of something I have not done, I eat the fear and do it anyway and ALWAYS ask QueStIonS if I don't know...just sayin' just accepted into an LPN-RN bridge program here in Tucson....
  10. kristiel6

    Orlando Nursing Pay ? Anyone heard anything good?

    Wow!! This sounds so discouraging...my husband and I just got back from Ft. Lauderdale and were thinking about moving there. I have been an LPN for 18 yrs and currently make $28.00per hour here in Tucson, AZ. I start my LPN to RN bridge course in a week or so and my husband is currently in an LPN program that will bridge to RN later on, we had our hearts set on Florida, doesn't look so promising anymore:uhoh3: Anyone have any thoughts on the Reno, NV area??
  11. kristiel6

    Lpn to Rn program Pima Medical Institute

    Yes, they do offer an LPN to RN bridge program. In fact I start here in Tucson on March 22, 2010. The cost is roughly $17,000.00 for the two semesters needed to sit for the NCLEX. It ends in November. So the Mesa program also has this as well.
  12. kristiel6

    Does Pima Medical Institute have a LPN to RN program?

    I was just accepted into the LPN to RN program at PMI in Tucson and start March 22nd!! I barely got in though. I only scored 82 on my HESI, because my math sucks...and I only got in because I was an alternate student, meaning because someone dropped out.. lucky me...I will let you know what the hours are...I was told M-F 8a-4p.
  13. kristiel6

    LPN outlook

    I have been an LPN for 18 years and am just starting my RN at PMI in Tucson, AZ in March. LPN/LVN's are absolutely invaluable to the RN's here in AZ, at least by my experience, I am well respected in the medical community. Even though most hospitals don't hire LPN's because they want to be magnet, the Veteran's Administration does, although it is difficult to get in to, it is worth the try. Don't give up. I only chose to go onto RN because I want to have the opportunity to move up in my career, as an RN you have much more opportunities.
  14. kristiel6

    Pima or Itt Tech RN Program

    did you get into the RN program at PMI in Tucson?
  15. kristiel6

    Pima Medical Insutitute

    Is anyone currently in the RN program at PMI in Tucson? If so, can you tell me how it's going? Im considering stepping in to the program where they allow LPN's.