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  1. SCBlueICU

    Propofol Increasing HR?

    I've never seen it personally, but I have a thought. I wonder if the patient's body was trying to keep the neuro perfusion pressure up, so when you dilated blood vessels with sedatives, the body increased HR to increase CO in order to keep the pressure where it wanted it to be in order to perfuse the brain adequately. That's just off the cuff, not sure that is what happened. Interesting!
  2. SCBlueICU

    Nursing in New York City/Columbus

    Hey, I am a nursing student and will be graduating from school in December. I am looking at hospitals to apply to in New York City and Columbus, OH and wanted to hear from some nurses that may have worked in those areas. I was wondering if you could recommend any hospitals in that area that you think would be a good place to work. I am particularly interested in the critical care/ICU/ER areas. Thanks. Tricky