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  1. amortentia62442

    Nurse at Disneyworld

    If they have one, I wonder if I could be a nurse at Harry Potter Land? Haha! My husband and I just went to Harry Potter world a few months ago...I didn't want to leave and said that they must need nurses here!
  2. amortentia62442

    What nurse life-hacks do you have to offer?

    This happened to me once!! I wish we had thought of that...we just kept pulling with hemostats and it finally came out...but will definitely keep hot water in mind if there is ever a next time! Thanks!
  3. amortentia62442

    Family member in Hospice care

    My husband is ready to just sneak it to him. One of his uncles in spending the night tonight and said if he appear uncomfortable when he checked on him he would give it. For the most part the family has deferred most of his care to me or at least asked my opinion. My gut is telling me he only has a few days left and I just want him comfortable. My grandmother was in hospice and we had a wonderful experience, but my family seemed more willing to accept what was happening.
  4. amortentia62442

    Family member in Hospice care

    Hi everybody! I have been working in oncology/BMT for the better part of four years...and I love it! Palliative care has become my passion while working in this field. I think it is an honor and very special to be able to help someone in their last days or be able to help their family through such a difficult time. Since May my husband's grandfather has been ill. He has had CML for 10 years, and was told over two years ago there was nothing else that could be done for him. He Has a multitude of other co-morbidities that are not helping his condition. My husband and I are the closest family members and such have ended up being the main caregivers along with his wife, my husbands grandmother. Throughout my career in this field I have cared for many dying patients, and have a hard time when they have families that do not come see them or refuse to attempt to understand what is happening. I completely understand that denial is a big part of the dying process, but I hate to see people suffer, I want to make sure that is their last moments they are not moaning in pain or gasping for air. And lately I have been living my worst nightmare. My husband's grandparents have 8 children ...only two of which would come to visit, before I called and spoke to the rest explaining the end was coming. The rest came reluctantly. This past Thursday we enrolled him in hospice care and brought him home...over the past day or so he has gotten to the point of moaning, grimacing, and rarely being awake, and if he is he does not make much sense. This morning he was moaning much more than I had ever heard him before. I spoke with grandma who let me give him a dose of morphine. The hospice nurse came about an hour later and gave him another dose, after which he seemed comfortable. Later in the day it started back up again and grandma is refusing to allow us to give him anymore morphine. My husband tried to talk to her, her two children that are here tried to talk to her, but she would say it is too early in the night to give him something. I guess I just needed to vent to people that would understand. I plan to talk to her in the morning when I get out of work to see why she doesn't want him to have anything and if I can calm her any, and probably call the hospice nurse as well. Thanks for listening!
  5. amortentia62442

    How old were you when you started nursing school?

    I went to nursing straight out of high school at 18 graduated at 20... Got a job on a trauma/surgery floor right out of school for three years... And now happily working on oncology for six months so far!
  6. I agree with your preceptor that said "it is the best thing a new nurse can do". I started on an incredibly crazy chaotic stressful surgery floor right out of nursing school. Although it was insane what I had to deal with I learned A TON!! After three years there I just moved to the heme/onc floor. I love it!! But it is (generally) so much more laid back than my first job. Nurses that have only worked on this floor seem to get overwhelmed easily... The experience that you can gain from a general floor can be invaluable and make you feel much more comfortable once you do find your dream job.... I know it has helped me tons and although I didn't enjoy working on the surgery floor (awesome coworkers made it better though) I do not regret it for one second ... It has helped me so much... Just something to think about :)
  7. amortentia62442

    Diagnoses you never thought you'd see?

    This really makes me realize in only two years all of the crazy things I've seen. We have had a pt with foreigner's gangrene...worst drsg change I have ever had to do. We have had a pt with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease...such a sad thing. In just a few months she didn't know her husband or children or what was going on. We also had a pt with "wet brain" due to ETOH abuse...She also did not remember her family or how to do daily activities. Crazy the things we see!
  8. amortentia62442

    Do your family members "get it"?

    Oh god no! I worked as a sitter last summer while in nursing school overnight and just started my first nursing job overnight. My parents are constantly saying it must be nice to sleep all day. Well they sleep all night...what is the difference. Drives me nuts. My mom used to call me just to talk but she has seemed to learn that i need to sleep too.
  9. amortentia62442

    New grad finding a job

    Thank you for the reply! I think I am going to call the state hospital and ask how long I have to think about it and then call the cardiac floor in a few daysand ask the manager what my chances are and go from there! Thank you! I will graduate from Crouse Hospital School of Nursing next Thursday. I am sorry you aren't having any luck. Both of the interviews I had I sent letters to the managers telling them how interested I was in the position. I don't have much advice to give. It did take a while between application/letter to getting the call for the interview so give it time. I'm sure you'll find something!
  10. amortentia62442

    New grad finding a job

    HI, This is my first post. I am graduating with an associates degree next Thursday... YAY Here is the dilemma... I had an interview last Tuesday on a surgical floor in a state run hospital. I got a call officially offering me the job today. But, I also had an interview today on a cardiac floor in the hospital associated with my school, that I have had two clinical rotations on and enjoyed very much. Heart stuff just makes sense to me, the staff there is great, the manager I feel I can talk to, and I feel comfortable there. I am shadowing on the surgical floor that offered me the job to see how I like it tomorrow afternoon. But what do I tell the recruiter? The cardiac floor manager said she has many other interviews to complete in the next week or two and to be patient. My parents said to accept the job and then if I do get the cardiac floor job and decide I'd rather work there, to resign. My parents keep pushing the job at the state run hospital to receive state benefits (NY). My boyfriend said to call the manager on the cardiac floor and ask her what my chances of getting hired are and explain the situation. The pay is about the same as are the benefits. I am pretty sure I would rather work on the cardiac floor as it interests me. But I don't want to say no to the surgical floor and then not get hired on the cardiac floor and have no job. But feel it would look bad to accept the job on the surgical floor and then change my mind... Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. amortentia62442

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing

    I'm sure they would be willing to talk to you over the phone to help. And I don't mind, let me know if you have any other questions
  12. amortentia62442

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing

    I came straight out of high school so I did not transfer anything in, however I am pretty sure that you are able to transfer nutrition. But I would say call the school and talk to Tina Peers about it, she'll answer all your questions. As for the car, you don't need one. There were a few times in the past two years that my clinical was off site, but it was easy to find someone to car pool with if needed. You could always set up an appointment, probably with Tina to talk about the school and what would help you get in. Good Luck
  13. amortentia62442

    Crouse Hospital School of Nursing

    Hi I am about to graduate from Crouse on the 27th! I personally liked the school. I thought majority of the instructors were very helpful and willing to answer any question you had. The classes...it's hard work...I'm not going to lie, but you can get through it. Most of your grade is tests and then you have to pass clinical each semester. I enjoyed clinical, the instructors I had expected you to know a lot, but I learned a ton from them! I also lived in the dorm my whole two years here. I liked it. I made some great friends, there is always someone to go ask if you have a question about something, or someone to study with (which is very helpful to bounce ideas off other people). I thought it was a good school and I had some great experiences and learned a ton! Good Luck where ever you decide to go