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  1. GA License by Endorsement HELP!

    I called the GA BON and they mailed me the fingerprint cards. Stop into your local police station and they will do it for you. Then once that's done and you have all your transcripts and paperwork ... Mail them the whole thing.
  2. GA License by Endorsement HELP!

    I did this last year... Just call they will mail them to you if you need them to. Double and triple check that you have everything they want together before you mail everything. The longest part is getting everything together. Once I mailed it I had ...
  3. Oh thank god! I thought I was the only one that this commercial really bothered. I have worked with oncology patients for years and been working with Hospice for a few months and love it. But I would never tell my patient they can't "go". I would mor...
  4. Nurse at Disneyworld

    If they have one, I wonder if I could be a nurse at Harry Potter Land? Haha! My husband and I just went to Harry Potter world a few months ago...I didn't want to leave and said that they must need nurses here!
  5. What nurse life-hacks do you have to offer?

    This happened to me once!! I wish we had thought of that...we just kept pulling with hemostats and it finally came out...but will definitely keep hot water in mind if there is ever a next time! Thanks!
  6. Family member in Hospice care

    My husband is ready to just sneak it to him. One of his uncles in spending the night tonight and said if he appear uncomfortable when he checked on him he would give it. For the most part the family has deferred most of his care to me or at least ask...
  7. Family member in Hospice care

    Hi everybody! I have been working in oncology/BMT for the better part of four years...and I love it! Palliative care has become my passion while working in this field. I think it is an honor and very special to be able to help someone in their last ...
  8. Moving to Atlanta

    Rare snowfall sounds wonderful! ? Thank you for the info!
  9. Moving to Atlanta

    Hello Everybody! My husband just found out that he got a job in Atlanta, GA. We currently live in Upstate NY and will be relocating down there. I have worked on a surgical/trauma floor for three years, about a year ago switched to an oncology floor, ...
  10. How old were you when you started nursing school?

    I went to nursing straight out of high school at 18 graduated at 20... Got a job on a trauma/surgery floor right out of school for three years... And now happily working on oncology for six months so far!
  11. What if you're still unsure what kind of nurse you want to be?

    I agree with your preceptor that said "it is the best thing a new nurse can do". I started on an incredibly crazy chaotic stressful surgery floor right out of nursing school. Although it was insane what I had to deal with I learned A TON!! After thre...
  12. Oncology Nursing Vent

    I have worked on a surgical/trauma floor for the past three years and just had the opportunity to transfer to the oncology floor. I am so excited! I too enjoy the pt population an the feeling that I have actually helped someone ... However everyone I...
  13. What are your ultimate goals?

    I would love to be a hospice nurse someday ... Currently I work in a teaching hospital on the trauma floor which is always interesting ... But I love helping care for comfort care pts. Although some days I think about being a school nurse .. Or L&...
  14. Failed NCLEX

    The place I took mine was around the corner from my mom's work... As soon as I finished I drove over to her work and cried my eyes out! I only had 76 questions and I was totally convinced I had failed ... Two days later I found out I passed ... But t...
  15. Is your workplace haunted?

    Many times in the two and a half years I have worked at my hospital I have seen charts fall to the floor and TVs turn on when no one is in the room. But over the past month or so we have had four pt's tell us about a little girl in their room. Every ...