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  1. YassKween

    Site looks weird? Found a bug? Share...

    is there a way to change username?
  2. YassKween

    california license by endorsement

    Just thought I’d share my successful licensing journey with the CA BRN to help other nurses out there in the same situation. A little background about me, I am foreign born and did my nursing education in Canada. I hold Canadian citizenship, licensed in a Canadian province and initially licensed via Minnesota back in 2016 via the NCLEX. I currently hold a license in Texas and have let my MN license expire. I did my CGFNS visa screen early last year (required for the TN visa) which by the way took way longer than CA BRN. It took almost 6 months to receive my VS certificate so get started on it ASAP. My CA licensing journey began with landing a job in CA and used the job offer letter to obtain a visa and SSN. Side note: I have a former classmate from nursing school working as a RN in CA and gave me advice re: CA BRN educational requirements. It turns out our nursing education was missing the microbiology course requirement so I took a microbio class through a local university and completed it in early Dec 2018. I made sure it included a lab component. Make sure your nursing education meet the CA requirements to avoid delays. Timeline: Nov 1 - called my Nursing school and requested my school to fill out the breakdown of courses and prepare transcripts. I knew from applying for the visa screen last year that my school takes about a month for them to get all documents filled out and signed. The school mailed out my transcripts on Nov 25 without my knowledge. Nov 30 - Luckily, I received my SSN in the mail and I immediately applied to California BRN via Breeze website. Canada Post was on strike around that time so I know my Uni transcripts wouldn’t reach CA BRN before my application. Dec 7 - I wrote my microbiology final exam and had my transcript sent to CA BRN a week later via courier. I also requested my provincial licensing body to send my license verification via courier. I have read from previous post that mail gets lost occasionally so I didn’t want to take chances. Dec 17 - Flew to California to meet my employer and at the same time I got my live scan done there. The live scan personnel required a US address for some reason but luckily my friend gave me his address. Dec 19 - The Breeze website allows you to attach documents to your open application for any other required documents. Back in October, I called the CA BRN for tips and advice and the representative said to attach all documents that proves your identity and your credentials. ie passport, SSN, etc. The following documents that I attached were: SSN card, old and current passports from time in university to present, CGFNS certificate, RN degree, live scan copy/receipt, Texas and Minnesota license, and provincial RN license. I highly recommend attaching these docs to avoid delays. It doesn’t say in the application instructions but have read from previous posts multiple times that they’ve asked for these documents. Jan 2 - CA BRN processing time website states my application date is current. Jan 10 - Did not contact CA BRN at all anytime after submitting my application back in Nov 30. I checked breeze that evening and found my license number at the top right hand corner. I am an international applicant and was able to get my license just a day short of 6 weeks! Hope this helps someone. Thanks to everyone who posted their tips and experience as it certainly helped me. Best of luck to y’all!
  3. YassKween

    california license by endorsement

    Did you do your finger prints via live scan or mail?
  4. YassKween

    Dear Alberta nurses...

    I've gotten a few positions at AHS through referrals/networking. I agree that it is online applications only but if the manager likes you then he/she will ask you to apply to the posting online. I know others who have also landed jobs because they have a friend moving to Alberta etc...but who knows maybe it only happens in Calgary.
  5. YassKween

    Dear Alberta nurses...

    I agree with everyone above. And I hate to say this but sometimes but it helps to have connections with someone who works for AHS and can refer you to a hiring manager etc. Do you have any friends/neighbour that works for AHS that can refer you?
  6. YassKween

    Canadian RN Nursing in California?

    @ westcoastlife Did you work outside California first or did you get your TN and SSN, moved back to Canada for a bit, and then applied for your CA license?
  7. YassKween

    Canadian New Grad to USA?

    CGFNS or visa screen certificate is required to obtain your TN visa at the border/point of entry. There's no way around this now unfortunately.
  8. YassKween

    Canadian New Grad to USA?

    It takes another 8 weeks or so from that date forward for them to say your account is up for review. Once the status changes to up "for review", it takes another week or two and it should say whether you're certified or not. Once certified, it took another week for them to mail my certificate. Someone must be home to accept the certificate. To answer your question, I don't think they change the exempt status until your status says it is up for review - so 8 weeks from when all the required documents were received.
  9. YassKween

    Canadian RN moving to US

    Ryan, You're in Canada, why not get all your schooling done in Canada first before making another move to another foreign country. I am a Canadian nurse who went to nursing school here and it took 6 months in total for US licensing and visa screen. Visa screen took the longest, you will need to arrange to have your nursing school send your transcript to them. Why go to all the trouble you've done in Canada and start all over in the US?
  10. YassKween

    NCLEX RN 2016 Advice

    Took NCLEX-RN yesterday and found out today via MN BON that I passed. I didn't have to go through quick results or the so called PVT. Maybe it's just MN that post their results so quickly. I read everyone's study strategies when I was studying for the NCLEX and I thought I should share mine as well to re-affirm what all successful NCLEX takers have done. What I used to study: 1. Hurst Review (online edition). Follow the instructions they give you to study. Make sure you know your core content well and are able to explain a topic when presented to you (eg. Explain what nephrotic syndrome is w/o looking through your notes). I went through one topic per day in a period of a month and a half. I went through each topic again 2 weeks before my exam. 2. UWorld - 1 month subscription. I was doing about 75-150 questions a day but I would only do 10 questions a test in tutor mode. Closer to the NCLEX exam date, I started redoing all my wrong responses and I found that helped me retain information and evaluated if re-reviewing my Hurst notes helped to master the core content. I only did about 1200 questions. I got an email from UWorld stating that they will also include a new NCLEX self-assessment test in the new year so that sounds like a good deal. UWorld is really hard but it definitely tests your knowledge and critical thinking skills. I was at 50th percentile when I started and ended close to 80th percentile near the end (after re-doing all my weak subjects). 3. LaCharity - I did only about 4-5 chapters. I found that it contradicted what I learned from UWorld so I didn't continue and went back to UWorld. Exam Day: I am a morning person so I did the exam in the morning. Had a good breakfast and arrived at the testing centre 30 mins early. I felt comfortable writing the exam as it felt similar to UWorld but the questions were really hard. I was getting nervous as the questions seemed to get harder and harder but once in a while I will get a question where I knew what the answer was for sure. At about an hour and 50 minutes into the test I got to question 75, I read the question so many times and picked my educated guess/selection. I closed my eyes and click submit, the computer closed the exam and I was out of there! I didn't know what to think after the exam but I just went out to celebrate with friends as I felt that I honestly did my very best to prepare for the exam. I logged in to BON this morning and got the green light saying I passed the exam! Good luck to everyone writing the exam next year!
  11. YassKween

    Jobs in AB?

    My advice is what worked for me and I was actually hired and interviewed the same day when I walked up to the unit manager. This was also the time of Stephen Duckett where he was laying off nurses. I worked in various units in Calgary and the times I've mentioned were always the best time I found time to talk to them. Not all managers are the same. Take everything with a grain of salt. You can choose to be pessimistic or optimistic. I know optimism attracts positive things! For the new local grads, contact a recruiter and see what they can do to help. I think if you do everything in your power to get a job (whether it applying online, in person, or whatever) you'll be successful. All I'm saying is try! I have a feeling that most of you will get a job as long as you're not picky! Good luck!
  12. YassKween

    Jobs in AB?

    I know they frown upon this now but I would go to the actual unit and ask to speak to the unit manager and leave your resume. Best time to catch the manager is early in the morning before 0800 or close to their home time which is before 1500. Apply everywhere appropriate and start with a casual position so you get your foot in the door.
  13. I would still try it for myself and apply. You might be stuck with a casual position but there are some units out there where you can pretty much work close to a full time. The hardest part is getting into AHS. Don't be discouraged, just apply and see what happens. Good luck!
  14. YassKween

    TN Visa

    Hi RNgrad2006, Did you have to get your employer to sponsor you to get the green card? How many times did you have to renew your TN visa or how long did you have to wait to obtain it?
  15. YassKween

    Calgary South Health Campus job opportunities?

    There are consistently around 40 RN postings for SHC but most of them are for internal applicants. The lines are not the best either because of "workforce optimization".