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    July 2009 NCLEX Support Group

    hey guyz! just finished taking my exams this afternoon. i am vague of my performance honestly. i went home crying and begin thinking that i wont be able to receive a "PASSING" evaluation from board of cali. i cried hardly. i have been performing well during my review in kaplan. i even topped most of our major exams and topical exams, yet after i took the nclex this afternoon, i lose hope. i find it very confusing, not even sure whether the questions i have belong to a passing range or not. it stopped at 75. i prayed hard for it, asking God to stop my exam at 75 but while taking the exam, i felt like in need for more and more questions because im not happy and satisfied with my performance. i had several sata questions (at least 6 of them) and the most are prio and dele queations. but i'm not sure if i got them all correctly. i checked some of the queations came out in my references and i found my answers to be wrong. gosh! let God do the rest for me now that i have finished doing my part. im still praying that everything will be good and that as soon as i rcvd my result, i hope it's a passing mark. lyk the others, i am very sad and afraid of whatever the results will be. plss to those who know about the pearsonvue trick, help me how to check also. hehehehehe! tnx guyz! Godbless to all others who are going to take their exam this month!