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  1. sandmanswife

    How to pass Pharmacology

    The Pharm class at my school is a nightmare. At this point almost 75% of the class is below the 75% exam average needed to pass. The class as a whole is extremely stressed out. Our instrustor doesn't really focus on prototype drugs, that is wishful thinking, and her exams change from one exam to the next. It is really impossible to figure out how to study for her exams. I honestly don't feel like I know any more about pharm now then I did before I started the class!
  2. sandmanswife

    Thoughts on ATI: Assessment Technologies Institute

    We are using the ATI also, it counts for 5% of our grade as well. I really didn't like the one that we took for OB, some of the questions really didn't make sense, they didn't even make sense to our instructiors. Also, we found that if you decided an answer was wrong, it would not allow us to go back to a different page to change our answers. Several of us at our school became very frustrated, guess it is a good thing that it is only 5% of the grade and I have really good grades up to now.