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adammRN has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in pmhnp 2020.

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  1. adammRN

    Standardized tool for capstone

    Never mind! One of my clinic faculty came to the rescue!!! In case anyone is curious, my project turned into a package of 3 steps; 1) education of all female patients diagnosed with bipolar 2)100% preventative hCG screening goal and 3) collaboration between psych provider and OBGYN.
  2. adammRN

    Standardized tool for capstone

    So, I have hit a wall in my capstone project. I identified the need for education for psych patients regarding contraception. Anyone know of a standardized tool for contraceptive pregnancy education? My clinical literally does everything else, like the standardized tools for mental health screening (PHQ9, MDSS, MDQ) etc.
  3. adammRN

    New Grad FNP offer

    In my DNP cohort, we have FNP and PMHNP students and have talked about this. Look into your local policy and state board. If it is light psych stuff, such as anxiety or mild depression, you can try to treat it. Any more then that and you should be referring. This is in Texas at least, a red NP state. Not sure how much that type of thing changes by state.
  4. adammRN

    too soon to be an NP?

    I think it takes on average a couple of years to really get good at base hospital nursing. It's great exposure to medicine and learning multitasking, compromising with people, all that which you don't learn in school. Those are valuable providers skills. However, you will get (my program does 1200) but it's doctorate level of clinic time. So... you may find that sufficient. But yes, make sure you put forth your best effort if you choose to go straight BSN->DNP/FNP
  5. adammRN

    PMHNP prep

    I have not taken it yet, but my mentor (DNP/PMHNP) says he just used the pocket prep. I think 70% is acceptable... from what I hear. 30$ for 600 questions.
  6. adammRN

    New PMHNP

    Lol... you're program didn't prepare you for these types of patients I presume ??
  7. adammRN

    Applying for NP school- need advice

    I have learned some bit about resumes over time. I would include relevant things to the program. If something applies, then include it. Obviously, your undergrad exp, clinical rotations, and experience as an RN should be included. Also, things that go too far back are usually left off. There are lots of guides and I'm sure templates on the internet for NP applications I'm sure. Don't include volunteer stuff unless healthcare related, Include BLS, no need for a personal summary. Usually you do explain empty gaps.
  8. adammRN

    DNP capstone (PMHNP)

    The most common form of knowledge assessment is question and answer. Not return demonstration. Of course return demonstration is more effective debating that is not the point. Me and a 100 other alumni and students chose a bad school!! Seeing as you have a PhD, your opinion aligns with the theoretical philosophy. I can tell you in our class, none of us care about these projects. We are doing the DNP because we don't wanna have to go back to school, don't want a PhD, and want to be providers. Also, there are DNP tracks for Leadership/management. That is not why we chose the program. We chose it because nursing is going to doctor only, and we wan't to make money and be providers. We choose either FNP/PMHNP DNP tracks. Doctor of NURSING PRACTICE, not Doctor of Implementing free QI in a place where most people don't know what DNP means. I have talked to most of the staff and I am given this blank stare eventually, like "why are you even talking to me?" All of the providers all told me to do a "workflow" project, since pts wait around for hours often. Guess what? Can't do that bc it's "not DNP level." My clinic is a new FQHC, they already use standardized tools and are following federal laws. My adviser is telling me I have to use a standardized tool somehow to implement. I am forcing a project on this place and there is no obvious gap in their care... Again, you will probably blame me for picking a "bad clinic," yet we don't know what the problem is till you have spent time there. Just like the program itself.
  9. adammRN

    FNP Made to Work Alone?

    I have worked at 2 FQHC and neither did that... and I dont think the pt number was ever that high... I would quit or ask for 200k+
  10. adammRN

    DNP Research Project Ideas

    https://nursing.vanderbilt.edu/dnp/scholarlyproject.php https://repository.usfca.edu/dnp/
  11. adammRN

    PMHNP- Salary expectations

    as well as benefits, structure (hosp/clinic), contract (negotiate), patient load, for profit/not-for profit, etc...
  12. adammRN

    DNP Admission Essay Conundrum

    To be honest, your post to me is a conundrum; Why get a degree, pay for and spend 3 or more years of your life doing something you are not going to use? "Because I just want to finish..." LoL You do a DNP because; you want better job opportunity, more money, better quality of life etc... I can also state for certain provider life is 10x better then being a floor RN. Also, as a current year 2 out of 3 DNP student, I will tell you if you don't like doing things to satisfy someone else, you are going to have a tough time going back to school. That is literally all I am doing; writing papers in APA on a professor selected topic to satisfy said professor. Guess what? Next year APA 7 is coming out so I gotta use that to make sure my profs are happy!! My discussion board this week is on health geonomics! Well ok, I'll admit I'm slightly interested in pharmacogenetic testing... My capstone project spanning 1 year of my life is going into a clinic, asking the MDs, NPs and administrators what they want, and giving it to them. This includes finding literature, writing assignment after journal after paper about this same topic, all building on one another, that I am not really that interested in. I mean, it's pretty clear to me if you can't come up with a way to twist the ENTRY essay so it sounds good to someone reading it, who doesn't have your viewpoint; you are by far in the wrong place and probably shouldn't be doing it. Going back to school will test your "personal authenticity" to a point where you bend or break!
  13. adammRN

    DNP capstone (PMHNP)

    That's a really good idea, but the thing is there is no way to measure that. The clinic doesn't collect that type of data, and I'm not even sure how you would. You can't make someone take/use BC. As you have noted this is a touchy subject. I am becoming convinced I am limited to simply providing education and measuring pre and post education learning via survey because of ethical issues. Oh yeah man - if there is anything clear about being back in school, it's how unrealistic and theoretical it is. Just trying to graduate so I can have a better quality of life and more $$$!!
  14. adammRN

    DNP Project site needed ASAP

    Wow... this is kinda interesting. Sounds like you want a very specific location... for us its' the opposite. You do a needs based assessment wherever you can get in to determine the project. Most of the students are having a nightmare of a time getting in and we are BRICK and MORTAR. If I wasn't in by now I would be going to clinics in a suit handing out resumes and asking to speak to the physician...
  15. adammRN

    DNP capstone (PMHNP)

    Don't you usually check for learning by administering a test? Most of us are a little upset, since this is supposed to be a practice focused degree and we aren't focusing on providing patient care. We don't feel that (Almost done with year 2 of 3) we have been prepared to take care of patients. Our curriculum has had 2 statistics courses and 2 research courses and we've had 1 class per each big P which isn't even close to enough. Then of course half of the clinic time is doing a QI projects... It's just not respectable. My only bargaining power when I start work will be twisting the truth to say I have had 1200 hours of clinic time therefore I deserve $1XX,000.
  16. adammRN

    DNP capstone (PMHNP)

    Thanks for linking that I'm going to check it out. Well... in my city, the Universities are getting rid of the master's programs. Even if it isn't "mandatory," I can see it going that direction. I mean to have masters for this type of work was kinda silly in the first place, not to mention our curriculum is a joke. But I digress. I really don't have any preference on what is measured I just want something. These projects are so silly... lol. Look at some on the vanderbuilt website. Most of them feature samples of around 10. I guess you change the world one patient at a time.