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  1. An NCLEX question for you.

    We are not looking at single number HR:107. It is the fact that the client's admitting Dx is Alcohol Withdrawal and with that being said, we have to consider the presenting Sx as a diagnostic criteria. In this case, tachycardia is related to the auto...
  2. Pursue NP or PA for ER?

    It wouldn't hurt to take general chem, physics, and organic chem I+II. These are the main classes you need to fulfill the requirements of a PA school.
  3. Pharmolcology

    You can give beta blockers to clients with HTN. Beta blockers are excellent agents, however, the downside to it is the bradycardia. So what might be the nursing intervention be? Monitor the heart rate. Also any widening of the qrs or prolonged QT int...
  4. 4ish hours till quick results.

  5. Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    Take a breather and focus on staying calm and getting at least 8 hours of sleep.
  6. Pursue NP or PA for ER?

    You can work in the ER in either profession; however, some states may not allow you to work in the ER either case. The two professions have similar responsibilities but the main difference is the model of practice. PA follows the traditional medical ...
  7. Classes to take while waiting

    You could be ahead and start reading in advance.
  8. Pharmolcology

    What exactly are you having difficulty in? Remembering the class? Actions? Side effects?
  9. Tattoos!

    tattoos are no longer as taboo as they once were; however, if your employer has a policy and procedure on it I would be careful.
  10. Failed NCLEX - need advice

    Hurst is a little too easy for some reason
  11. An NCLEX question for you.

    Body aches are vague. There are no other indications of ACS. Also even if if it is ACS mortality rates are 4%. Mortality rate of DT IS 5-15% depends on ICU setting.
  12. Little help/advice

    If you were convicted of a felony I'm sure they would like to know the facts. In the healthcare profession it is not uncommon to have a thorough background check. It is standard precaution and I would not be worried about it.
  13. hypertension and cardiac output

    HTN is essentially idiopathic in most cases and long term HTN would inevitably cause a decreased CO; however, the missing component is the heart not being able to pump effectively. The chronic HTN that is untreated will eventually cause congestive he...
  14. Coagulation Panel Question-HELP

    It is not about timing in this situation. The reason why the PT/aPTT are not abnormal is because the client does not have the lupus anticoagulants. If the client had SLE or other phosholipid abnormalities it would alter these particular lab values. T...
  15. Finals Week Need Study Tips

    Your professors are not going to test you on the minute details. Now if your professors are using test bank questions there is no point in reading anything since most test bank questions are word for word. Just go over your highlights and study nursi...