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  1. Vitamin K Administration

    It just takes a second to aspirate and why not be safe?
  2. Managing Pitocin Augmentation, again...

    Our policy is to back off on the pitocin if more than five UCs in ten minutes. We rarely use IUPCs, but I wish we did more often sometimes to get a more accurate picture of what's going on. indigo
  3. This may be useful to LD nurses

    I had a pt recently, 19 years old, difficult social situation, in labor, pit aug, but just couldn't progress. I felt at the time that it was fear holding her back, but now I'm thinking it was disgust and being grossed out also. I spent a lot of time ...
  4. Vag exams..

    I so appreciate the tips on vag exams. I usually work with CNMs who are in house and do all the vag exams, plus we are so small we don't birth that many babies (150/yr). Occasionally I get to do a vag exam, and it is so stressful, but I'm grateful fo...
  5. PRN nurses-need your advice!

    I am also thinking of going PRN. I don't need the health insurance, get that thru my husband. I am a staff nurse working nights in labor and delivery/med-surg at a very small community hospital. We are usually fairly desperate for nurses, esp. labor ...
  6. Postpartum assessment at your hospitals

    It makes sense to do a head-to-toe always so you have your baseline. Make that your practice. The only way to know a fundus is firm is to palpate it, otherwise I guess you're just hoping it's firm. Even if it is firm, assess the amount and character ...
  7. The Circumcision Discussion

    To circ or not to circ? I am an OB nurse who assists with circs and it is SO totally barbaric-seeming. The babies scream and cry and they come out with a swollen, bloody penis. For what. I am also the mother of three uncircumcised sons and none of th...
  8. Evil OB

    Thank you for pursuing this and for your bravery and for being the ultimate patient advocate and woman's advocate. Please stop that monster.
  9. Role of Nurse During Circumcision

    During circumcision, you are number one the patient's advocate. The poor little guy has no choice but to submit to this barbaric mutilation. Get an order for EMLA cream and get it on a good hour before the doctor arrives. Try to comfort the patient a...
  10. Did You Pass NCLEX without taking a Review Course?

    Yes, I did pass the NCLEX on the first try without taking a review course, but I did study, study, study with my Saunders review book. It is not an easy test, but if you put in some good time studying and arrive on test day confident, rested and well...
  11. new nurse-i feel useless when a code is called.

    I am a new RN and have been through only one code. Even though our patient died, it was amazing to watch everyone jump into action. For the first half of the code, I was more or less a gopher, then I became recorder. It was then that I really could h...
  12. No smoking policy

    Our hospital has a total no smoking anywhere on campus rule. It was instituted a few years ago. No one pays any attention to it. Patients drag themselves out and smoke right at the ER entrance. As a new RN, I refuse to take patients out to smoke. I r...
  13. Tattoo's on Nurses

    I am a brand new RN and I have a nose piercing. I think it is attractive and I don't see how it would offend anyone. As far as I know, our hospital doesn't have rules against it. My nursing program did (I had to use a plastic plug that made it look l...
  14. Advice on which PDA to buy

    I'm a new RN and am looking to buy a PDA with pharmacy info. software. Any advice out there? indigo
  15. Great suggestions and replies. I am graduating too in early May. My program did a couple of units on taking care of ourselves and dealing with stress, and yes, I passed the tests, but really, it is a personal responsibility and no one can teach you t...