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    Moving to Orlando from Oregon

    HELP!!! I just need an insight about florida nursing, I already know about the ups and downs of the weather, the prices of the houses are cheap but dont know how the whole community as a whole and the population. I need to know how work is and how much I would be making as a nurse and how I am treated. Ive been a nurse for 7 years with med surg/tele/dialysis experience and as of now working in tele night shift here in oregon. Over all im getting paid about $50-52 an hour and mostly maxing out my retirement plan. Im a guy 29 y/o Pls give me some insight how it is there, heres what I do here 7pm-7am 5:1 patient ratio max tele floor all IV and blood draw done by IV nurses and phleb we do take Vitals/meds/assessment No smoking environment/hospital extra certificates increase pay by 1.75/hr, night shift diff is 5.75/hr we do have UNION Paid education hours and benefits traffic in oregon sucks rainy in oregon but no flood, really hot on summer time does not snow much
  2. Any nurses out there who took CHFN exam? I need help figuring out how the test is gonna be, I have all CEU's needed and all I need to do is register for the exam but no Idea about how the questions are like? Anyone could shed a light to me out there? Thanks so much!
  3. I would say Kaplan book, and kaplan qbank. and memorizing the meds
  4. I knew it!!! Lol! Lol! I passed!!! Omg!!! I passed!!! Rn!!! Thanx for al the support guys!!! =)
  5. ok i just got back from the exam... honestly.. it wasnt that bad at all.. i knew tht it will stop in 75 and it did. i got 12 SATA's, no math, 2 put in order and DOZENS of meds. I was actually smiling while taking the exam. but i dont wanna jinx it. and oh! I got the famous pop up. =) ill get my rezult this saturday.
  6. wow thanx for the boost of confidence guys... im so nervous im gonna take it tommorw... ugh! butterflies in my stomach... i can feel them...
  7. Hi guys this is the first time for me to post something here. So this is my story, i just took the nlex exam last september here in Oregon and failed it. it was really sad. i used up all the questions in the exam. and i was so sure that i failed coz i didnt know how to prioritize and delegate. and after 2 days i got my rezult!! failed.... after that day i borrowed kaplan from the lib and studied it, bought ncsbn, and kaplan qbank. my average score in kaplan was 62. im sooo nervous coz im gonna take it again this thursday!!! I also bought petersons. which i think is good too. do you think ill pass the nlex with my average score of 62? my scores in kaplan were like 55 percent to 77 percent. and a lot of them were 60s. Im really nervous. im hoping some of you have the same experience as mine. i need some enlightenment. thankyou!!:redbeathe:D:crying2: (mixed emotions) PS, this site is so awesome!! all the people here are just soooo nice!