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    I worked as an agency nurse in MD for 1.5years. I loved it because I made a lot of money and made my own schedule. It isn't the easiest job because you have to get used to being in strange places and learning new equipment. You can't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. I got pulled a lot and also got "dumped on" occasionally (ie the agency nurse gets the scabies AND the TB patient) but I truly liked agency work. I saw a lot and learned a lot. It gave me the opportunity to branch out from the ICU and try ER and telemetry. That always looks good on a resume.:)
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    York Hospital

    Hi all! I just moved to New Freedom from Baltimore. I have an interview with York Hospital on Monday. I just wanted to know how it is there. I plan to work in critical care. I am also curious how the pay will differ from the Baltimore hospitals. (I have 4 years critical care experience.) Thanks for any info! Katie