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coppertopRN has 7 years experience and specializes in IR, travel, agency, M/S, tele.

Will graduate BSN program 3/10. Married 3 kids. Former Cleveland, Ohioan.

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  1. coppertopRN

    Current Walden University Students

    I can't answer for Walden but I love Kaplan. It all depends on the class. I spent a ton of time daily on the stats class but on some I barely spent a few hours a week. It all depends on your own strengths and weaknesses. I find most classes have averaged 4-5 hours a week. The nursing research class has been a bit more. I take 2 classes each term, have heavy volunteer responsibilities and commitments and work 60 hours a week. I feel stressed but not overwhelmed (yet).
  2. coppertopRN

    which littman for the ER?

    I know mine is an unpopular opinion. But I still can't hear a thing with the Littmans. LOVE my UltraScope! An unexpected benefit is that Littmans all look alike and grow feet easily. UltraScopes are unique and seldom fly to new homes.
  3. coppertopRN

    Straight to RN Program or LPN?

    I haven't felt any anti-LPN sentiment from any of the postings. Just opinions answering the question that was asked. LPNs are nurses. Its the establishment that has a problem with them. On the floor, in the real world, they do everything the RNs do with very few exceptions. However, I will say this. If you are "hung up" on it now...you'll be "hung up" on it later and a real PITA about it. Honestly, 99% of RNs don't give a d#$% what your license says. If the time commitment is the same, why do both if you don't have to? PS: My partner tonight is an LPN in RN school and HATES it! Just wants it over with. I don't think any less of her professionally and she agrees with my opinion on the subject. PS...We're in Jersey, too.
  4. coppertopRN

    Need Help with reinstating NJ License

    I let my Jersey lapse while I was working in Pensy and the one thing I learned was not to EVER let that happen again. I pay 'em both even if I'm only working in one. Reinstatement was a pain in the arsenel! It has been awhile since I had to do it, but I'll pass on what I remember. For starters, you have to have a valid Jersey driver's license. To get that, you need Jersey's famous "Points of Identification". I think it is 9 items. I had to contact Nebraska for an official copy of my birth certificate and I even had to contact the authorities is Ohio for a copy of my marriage certificate to explain why my birth certificate name was different than the name on everything else! If I had been married more than once, I would have needed each divorce decree and each new marriage certificate. I think its easier if you have a passport because you need all of those things to get the passport in the first place. Jersey also requires electronic fingerprints done at their own agent locations. I think that was either $20 or $40 on top of the license and reinstatement fee. All totaled I think it was over $200 but don't quote me, it has been awhile.
  5. coppertopRN

    Straight to RN Program or LPN?

    If you already have a BS, I assume that the time for RN vs LPN is about the same. This being the case...go for the RN without question. You'll tell yourself that you will go back but that may take a year or two. Just suck it up and do the RN now, even a BSN if you can. If you are under 50, you can never have too much education or too many credentials. Especially in an uber-competitive market like NY/NJ.
  6. coppertopRN

    Which infant stethoscope?

    Hi Elvish...When I said I'd "Sell 'ya for cheap" I wasn't really offering. Just an expression to convey how little esteem I give the product. Sorry...D
  7. coppertopRN

    Which infant stethoscope?

    Personally, I love UltraScopes in all sizes. They were originally designed for field use and you can hear through layers and layers of clothing and blankets, etc. I just love 'em. I have 3 Littman of varying cost and size and never use them. Just an opinion. I know most nurses (and Docs) hold Littman as the gold standard. I just don't agree.
  8. coppertopRN

    Experience with the Kaplan University program?

    I'm an online Kaplan BSN student and plan to advance to my MSN. I LOVE Kaplan. They really seem to use multiple avenues into the brain so that the students really "get it". Not just reading and test-taking. Web "field trips", PowerPoints, written/interactive and audio/written interactive seminars. Even my math class was awesome! I recommend it heartily to anyone that asks.
  9. coppertopRN

    i need some info on moving to NJ and nsg in NJ pls

    I've worked and traveled extensively all over the state. I find my observations about the culture most sharply the farther East and North that I get. The farther South and the farther West, the better. As far as why is NJ so populated? Well... First, natives seldom leave without provocation. Second, many (like me) got stranded here by employers who paid us to come. By the way, did you ever notice that you have to pay on the toll bridges to get OUT but it's free to get IN? Hmmm... Your assertion that talking to strangers or being friendly is seen as weird or threatening while stereotyping Southerers or Midwesterners as religious fanatics just confirms my opinions. I'm sorry, tight population or not...there are never too many people around to smile and say "Hi". As far as diner food. If I wanted to eat from packaged mixes, dehydrated mashed potatos, canned vegetables and gloppy cream soups I would eat the hospital food at work. No thanks. Give me fresh veggies with some crunch and from gravy from scratch ANY day! This forum is not the place to debate these type of issues. We will not change each other's opinions. You are a native and will always love home the best. That is commendable and in some ways I envy you. But the bottom line is that I wouldn't recommend this as a move for someone unfamiliar with this culture. It is a guarantee for unhappiness and regret.
  10. coppertopRN

    Can a new grad start as a travel nurse

    Ditto to all of the above. You don't want to A) Hate nursing before you really get started or B) Lose your license before the "new" wears off. Get a year or two of Med/Surg under your belt first. Then travel. It's a GREAT way to go.
  11. coppertopRN

    PerDiem - can I work for more than one company?

    Ditto to all of the above. Good luck!
  12. coppertopRN

    To Get A Masters or NOT

    Option I: You want to do Geri NP, I'm sure you'll be walking faster than your patients! Tell the nay-sayers to get a life. You can do anything you set your mind to. Option II: Switch programs, buy a HoverRound and concentrate on education. Teach the next generation!
  13. coppertopRN

    which littman for the ER?

    I've got 3 Littman at home. I found the best stetho is the UltraScope. And on top of it all, they're reasonably priced and cool looking! Just an opinion...
  14. coppertopRN

    Anyone know of any good online Master in nursing programs?

    I'm working on my BSN from Kaplan University right now and already plan to continue with my MSN. I LOVE Kaplan. Its very interactive and accessible. I work 5 12's a week and am very active outside my home as well (married with 3 kids, too). I don't want to give you the impression that it is easy. I devote A LOT of time to school. I work very hard to maintain my 4.0 and 2 classes each term, but I really love my program at Kaplan. I encourage you to check them out at kaplan.edu
  15. coppertopRN

    i need some info on moving to NJ and nsg in NJ pls

    Hi, While I can sympathize with your feeling that I was harsh, I can sympathize with this out-of-state potential neighbor. NJ's culture is very foreign. Faster, yes. But also much more rude and much more unforgiving. It has been my unfortunate experience to encounter that most NJ residents are very quick to disdain or dislike (loudly) that which they don't understand or are unfamiliar with. Of course, this is not universal. I've met a few wonderful people but I've met a lot more that would stab me in the back while smiling and asking about my kids. Sorry, but that has been my experience. Those of us from the South and the Midwest tend to be very open and trusting when compared to NY and NJ folks. As a native, you wouldn't see the differences. That is nothing against you. Its just harder to see cultural nuances like this when they are your own. PS I haven't found a diner yet that I would go to twice! Ugh...Yuck!
  16. coppertopRN

    i need some info on moving to NJ and nsg in NJ pls

    If you insist on nursing out of Georgia, I suggest you deal with a national recruiter. They will hook you up with interviews, moving expenses, sign-on bonuses and all of the perks. Many of them will also handle other professions and might be able to market you and your husband as a "package". Again, I would encourage you to really look into other locales besides NJ. As a matter of fact, I've been in over 50 hospitals with traveling and agency work. By far the best hospital I EVER worked in was Lancaster General in Lancaster, PA. If you really want to move North, see if they are hiring. I'd go back in a heartbeat but its just not in the cards right now.