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  1. NurseAmy1995

    I don't hate my job, I hate the people I work with

    I don't answer the call lights when the CNA's are purposely hiding in the break room, or a resident's room. We have a pager system, where the CNA's get the call lights buzzed to their pagers 1st, then after 10 minutes it comes to us, and we are supposed to attend to it. I will check and make sure the resident is ok, but then i ignore it. I let the aides get in trouble. I am sick of putting up with their crap. After 13 & 1/2 years, and a managerial staff that doesn't support me, they can forget about it. I know what battles to pick.
  2. NurseAmy1995

    Got fired

    Oh...I am so sorry to read this. I've been an LPN 13 & 1/2 years and if I had FIFTY NINE residents to take care of I would CRY! Literally! I would NOT go back to that facility, it appears they were biased against you and took the word of the staff member who trained you before even taking you aside to talk to you. Do they not have a training protocol in place? They simply dismissed you? Horrible! Do yourself a favor. Obviously you are a diligent nurse who cares about the welfare of the people she is in charge of. Keep your head up, get that resume out there and you will find something! Not all LPN jobs come under the heading of LPN. Some are cloaked under "Opthalmic Tech"..they will train you to utilize your skills in their office. Or a "Utilization Review Clerk"...insurance companies sometimes employ LPN's to review their charts. Same with Lawyers, employing RN's and LPN's. Pharmaceutical companies employ LPN's in varying capacities. It depends what you are willing to do. Please don't limit yourself. You have to look under broader headings! Good luck honey! Keep your head up! ~From a fellow single Mom~:loveya: