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  1. At my school, they say that most hospitals will take you in as a CNA once you've finished your first year. Some of the local job openings I've looked up online do say they will accept students currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program in lieu of certification. I'm still in my first year so I guess I'm not ready for that yet myself. I've heard that you can work for a nursing home as a home health aide, which is like a CNA, without any prior training or certification. I'm worried however that it won't be as valuable as experience in an actual hospital, because I'd like to work in a hospital eventually. Thanks so much for all the advice, everyone!
  2. Hi all, From these boards, I see that a lot of new grads have had trouble finding work as an RN. It sounds like even having a year or two of working experience makes a huge difference to potential employers. I'm currently a student and I'm wondering if I should start working as a CNA now so I'll have a few years of work to put down on my resume by the time I graduate. I know the jobs of RNs and CNAs are very different, but in the eyes of an employer, would a new grad with a few years experience as a CNA put one at a significant advantage over other new grads without any work experience? Thanks for your help!