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  1. pcarmichael

    surgery bedside procedures

    We are building a surgery office building with a treatment room to do biopsies and maybe some cauterizing procedures in the physicians office. Is anyone doing these types of procedures in the office? If so, what kind of suction equipment are you us...
  2. pcarmichael

    My nurse partner showed up impaired

    In that type of situation it is required to be reported to the Board of nursing for your state. They have assistance programs that can help her. Something needs to done before one of patients gets hurt. This is a huge risk and something needs to b...
  3. pcarmichael

    Chemotherapy administration

    I think the key is to make sure that you are checking and triple checking the medicaitons and doses. Also, make sure that you are getting another nurse to verify...two sets of eyes are always better than one set.
  4. pcarmichael

    Chemotherapy administration

    Yes, they have been very helpful...thanks for the reply!
  5. pcarmichael

    Chemotherapy administration

    We have an oncology department that gives chemotherapy infusions. We are trying to make it safety by having some set policies and procedures. Does anyone have a policy and procedure manaul that they would like to share? Would not like to re-create...
  6. pcarmichael

    Protocol Resource

    Please email me at pcarmichael@boice-willis.com with any resources that you find. I have been looking myself for several months and have not found anything. We are also a multi-specialty clinic with triage set up in our primary care providers offic...