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  1. chucklechie18

    AFP medical center RN residency

    Hi! to elocin06, maybe the one that is not accepting applicant who wear eyeglasses is Camp aguinaldo-nurse corps or military nurse. Because I applied there and they asked me if I'm wearing eyeglasses and yes I am wering eyeglasses. they are not accepting applicant who wear eyeglasses with grade of 200 and above. I think it isn't a big deal in AFP med center if you are wearing eyeglasses. BTW, goodluck to all of us who have taken or will take the written exams for AFP med center RN residency training program
  2. chucklechie18

    Philippine Children's Medical Center- duty

    Hi there! just new here! maybe you mean april 2009. I called them last april 2009, and then i was told that the screening for staff nurse applicant is on-going. So i went there and passed my documents. But then they told me that it is just for manpower pooling only. I was even told that i will have to wait not only for weeks, but months since they have lots of application in their office. Hope this helps you.