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  1. CA lic endorsement to ND

    Hello OldgradRN, How was your transition from Sacramento to Bismark? I'm from Northern California and thinking about relocating to ND.
  2. St. Alexius in Bismarck or Sanford in Fargo?

    Just curious, have you made a decision yet?
  3. St. Alexius Bismark,ND

    Hello Nurses, I wanted to get some input about St. Alexis. I'm thinking about relocated to Bismark, ND. How is your experience so far?
  4. Seeking NI Nurse to participate in Interview

    Hello NI Nurses, I'm a graduate nurse and seeking a nurse with nursing informatics background/specialty to participate my interview project. The interview is a 10 Q&A focusing on nursing informatics which can be done via email.
  5. Should I leave LVN school off resume?

    I can see the rationale for removing LVN from your application. I worked for a company who hired an LVN graduate (waiting to taking NCLEX) as a CNA. I heard some stories of new grads working as a CNA and later recruited for an an RN position. BUT, ...
  6. Failed NCLEX twice, need advice, frustrated and disappointed

    PDA is a great book! I highly recommend it.
  7. Acne from being at the hospital???

    Some tips and suggestions: Keep your hands away from your face Wipe down phones Remove mask immediately after use Don't wear foundation Do no over scrub, wash, etc Change pillow cases frequently "Try" to get some rest
  8. Saunders NCLEX-RN Review

    I didn't touch my ATI books for NCLEX.
  9. Failed Nclex my first time

    I used Kaplan, it is expensive but worth it. I also used review books - Saunders, PDA by LaCharity. Cheek libraries for NCLEX review books. If you have time go to your local bookstores, and read some NCLEX books. I was able to search for NCLEX 3500...
  10. How do you accept the fact you might not get in?

    Apply to multiple schools and never give up!
  11. Stay focus, and never give up! Try to find a place to study that works well for you. Try coffee shops, school study rooms, libraries, etc. Take notes in class, record the lectures, and find a good buddy in class who is willing to share his or note...
  12. Just Starting off with my prereq's

    Stay focus and never give up. Hard work pays off. A&P is a must in nursing, try to understand the systems pretty well. It will be beneficial when studying pathophysiology. Good luck!
  13. Saunders NCLEX-RN Review

    Saunders lacked priority/ delegation questions. I suggest using Saunders with other resources. Highly recommend PDA by LaCharity!!!
  14. In need of some study tips!

    Practice NCLEX style questions prior to test days!!! I highly suggest getting Saunders (yellow book). Make sure to read rationales!
  15. USF RN-MSN (CNL) San Ramon campus Fall 2011

    Congrats Diva, RN! I'm looking into USF's RN-MSN (CNL) program. I was wondering, how long have you work as an RN before applying to graduate school?