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  1. jinglebellrocks25

    Should I leave LVN school off resume?

    I can see the rationale for removing LVN from your application. I worked for a company who hired an LVN graduate (waiting to taking NCLEX) as a CNA. I heard some stories of new grads working as a CNA and later recruited for an an RN position. BUT, I know some companies are tight on training/orientation. They may see a graduate LVN applying as a CNA as a temp job, and rather spend money to train someone else. In my opinion, you can send some resumes without your LVN education and some with your LVN education. OR, you can put your LVN education and write a cover letter explaining you are a new grad waiting to take NCLEX, and willing to work as a CNA for their company until an LVN position opens up. Explain your interest for the company and you are thriving to build a life long career with their company. Good luck on the search and nclex!
  2. jinglebellrocks25

    Failed NCLEX twice, need advice, frustrated and disappointed

    PDA is a great book! I highly recommend it.
  3. jinglebellrocks25

    Acne from being at the hospital???

    Some tips and suggestions: Keep your hands away from your face Wipe down phones Remove mask immediately after use Don't wear foundation Do no over scrub, wash, etc Change pillow cases frequently "Try" to get some rest
  4. jinglebellrocks25

    Saunders NCLEX-RN Review

    I didn't touch my ATI books for NCLEX.
  5. jinglebellrocks25

    Failed Nclex my first time

    I used Kaplan, it is expensive but worth it. I also used review books - Saunders, PDA by LaCharity. Cheek libraries for NCLEX review books. If you have time go to your local bookstores, and read some NCLEX books. I was able to search for NCLEX 3500 and NCLEX cram online for free - try googling it. Good luck, and never give up!
  6. jinglebellrocks25

    How do you accept the fact you might not get in?

    Apply to multiple schools and never give up!
  7. Stay focus, and never give up! Try to find a place to study that works well for you. Try coffee shops, school study rooms, libraries, etc. Take notes in class, record the lectures, and find a good buddy in class who is willing to share his or notes with you, in case you miss class. Buy an agenda - mark all important dates (midterm, final, paper, last day to drop, reading assignments, etc.). Know your teachers contact information and open hours Find time to relax!
  8. jinglebellrocks25

    Just Starting off with my prereq's

    Stay focus and never give up. Hard work pays off. A&P is a must in nursing, try to understand the systems pretty well. It will be beneficial when studying pathophysiology. Good luck!
  9. jinglebellrocks25

    Saunders NCLEX-RN Review

    Saunders lacked priority/ delegation questions. I suggest using Saunders with other resources. Highly recommend PDA by LaCharity!!!
  10. jinglebellrocks25

    In need of some study tips!

    Practice NCLEX style questions prior to test days!!! I highly suggest getting Saunders (yellow book). Make sure to read rationales!
  11. jinglebellrocks25

    USF RN-MSN (CNL) San Ramon campus Fall 2011

    Congrats Diva, RN! I'm looking into USF's RN-MSN (CNL) program. I was wondering, how long have you work as an RN before applying to graduate school?
  12. jinglebellrocks25

    How Impacted are the programs in the Sacramento area?

    Thank you! Is UCD/Sac State MSN's program competitive as well as their BSN program?
  13. jinglebellrocks25

    How Impacted are the programs in the Sacramento area?

    Do you know any info on MSN programs in Sac area? Is it impacted as well?
  14. jinglebellrocks25

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    nothing YET. hopefully tomorrow.
  15. jinglebellrocks25

    Anyone applied to LMC Pittsburg, CA Fall 2010 ADN Program?

    im not sure if they did yet. hopefully they do it soon!
  16. Hi! Anyone heard from LMC Pittsburg, CA Fall 2010 ADN Program? I know they'll be sending letters out this month.. I can't wait!