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I am new nurse! Ihave been in health care for 10 yaers though

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  1. RainbowLPN

    PLEASE HELP - resume for CNA

    I dont know about where you live, but where I live CNAs are in high demand. It really won't matter if you have had any past medical jobs. I would not worry about it. You will easily find a job. Do not let the hard work you down. You quickly learn you are always understaffed and underpaid, just remember why you wanted to do this job to begin with. I became a CNA 10 years ago and have slowly worked m way to LPN. Just graduated! The health care profesion needs more CNAs. Good Luck in your new carreer:D
  2. RainbowLPN


    I know exactly the test you are talking about, I had to take the same test. I do not remember what the sections were about though. The school you are enrolled at should have study guides for any test though, ask your councelor or the health divisions office. Many time the student affiars office will also be able to set you up with tutor or another method to help you study. I hope this helps. It is hard but it is worth it. I just grduated the LPN coursre this week. Good luck an God bless.
  3. RainbowLPN

    Nurse patient ratio

    I must be in the wrong end of the spectrum. I have never worked in a hospital, only in long term facilities. I would love to only have 8 patients. I know my paitients are different, but if they are in a nursing home they obviously need a nurse! I work midnights, and I am in charge of 35 patiets. There are many nights I have known of there only being one nurse in the building. The is a total of 140 patients. Granted their are CNAs and QMA's, but ultimately it is the nurses's resposability. If you think there is a nursing shortage in the hospital it is worse in the nursi8ng homes for the same reasons. I stay because I love my patients and I know someone has to do it.
  4. RainbowLPN

    Working during clinicals

    I graduate Lpn this week. In the beginning I worked 36 hours a week, but the last semester I have cut down to 32. The key is find a laid back job that might allow you some study time, and that will work around you. I worked double shifts evenings and nights on saturday and sunday. The quiet night shift gave me a lot of study time. It has been hard but the rewards are great. Not working is not an option, I have five children to support.
  5. RainbowLPN

    Passed 1st Semester!!!!!

    Congradulations. That is great. I graduate LPN this week with a 3.5 an a scale of 4.0! A lot of people have given me a hard a time because I worry about my grades so much. I respond to them with: would you want a nurse that only learned what was required to pass or one that learned all she possibly could to take care of you? For example when it is a life threatening situation the few minutes it takes to look something up can make the difference between life and death.
  6. RainbowLPN

    Nurses are Overworked

    I think if we could all learn our limits and think about the patients first, not our paychecksor any other reason for the extra hours we would all be better off. I know I am guilty myself of staying over because nobody else would even though I knew I really should have said no. i think that is when managment should step in a divide overtime equally.
  7. RainbowLPN

    Medication Errors/ Medication Management Advisory Committee

    I agree I do not think this is the right place to discuss something this important. I can give you a couple general idea that might help you though. I know for one that in nursing homes some nurses must pass medicatuions to as many as 37 patients. That does not leave much time for double checking. Also I have seen mistakes made by ward clerks. These people who have no medical license taking off doctors orders. Somtimes I don't think they know how serious their job really is.
  8. RainbowLPN

    Nurses are Overworked

    Yes nurses are overworked! I think most of us do so by choice. One thing I have learned very quickly is to say no when I am burnt out or too tierd. The patients don't benifit from a nurse that is preoccupied with thinking about time to go home.
  9. RainbowLPN

    Why all the fuss? Influenza.

    Every year many people die on complications of the flu. One thing the media does not tell people is the fact that what we are getting vacinated against is only a guess of what might make us sick. I feel it is very important for the people that would be most affected by the flu get the vacine, but there is no reason to scare people like the media has. Also the fact that you may still get some type of flu even if you are vacinated should also be revealed.