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  1. Deployment

    I'm working in a nursing home right now. I can't imagine the military could be much worse. I'm going to keep on working during RN-BSN. I really want to do ICU and no one will even get you into med/surg or anything right now. In my nursing program, ma...
  2. Deployment

    I'm seriously considering joining the military to serve my country and allow me to advance as an RN, hopefully to some sort of advanced practice. I'm a recent ADN, and I've been unable to find an acute care position. I'm planning to start an RN-BSN p...
  3. Tucson new grads

    Is anyone finding a job in Tucson as a new grad? I've been working as a CNA/LPN for 3 years. I just finished my RN. No hospital will even listen to you once they hear "new grad". During my preceptorship/clinicals, they most definitely needed more nur...