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  1. RN_waitlister

    OR Nurse/Scrub Nurse/ Perioperative Nurse - all the same thing?

    "psso" - you're on the waitlist for Camosun? If so, when do you think you'll get in? I'm most likely in the Fall 2011 intake. I hate waiting so looooong!!
  2. RN_waitlister

    OR Nurse/Scrub Nurse/ Perioperative Nurse - all the same thing?

    The program I'm going into is a normal 4-year bachelor program to become an RN through Camosun College and UVic. It's not especially to become a Scrub Nurse. I've just heard that some grads of the program have been trained right after to work in the OR because they really needed people.
  3. RN_waitlister

    OR Nurse/Scrub Nurse/ Perioperative Nurse - all the same thing?

    Thanks again for the great info! :clphnds:
  4. RN_waitlister

    OR Nurse/Scrub Nurse/ Perioperative Nurse - all the same thing?

    Wow, thanks for all that info! That's exactly what I wanted to know. A Scrub Nurse sounds like what I'm most interested in (for now). I'd like to be in the OR and apart of the surgery, it would be so interesting! I assume though that you'd learn all the different roles (pre, circ, scrub, post) in training not just one particular role?
  5. Hi all! I'm interested in OR Nursing. I'm on a 2-year wait list to start getting my bachelor's to become an RN (career change). So it'll be a while I've seen many titles such as: OR Nurse, Scrub Nurse, Peri-operative Nurse, and even Physician's Assistant. Can someone please clarify these titles? Are they all the same thing or do they have different roles? Are they called one title in Canada and something different in the US? Do they get the same pay as any other RN? I know out of the program I'm going into, they do take new grads and start training them in that field right away. Is it better to do some Med/Surg Nursing first and then go into that? Or just go straight into it if the opportunity arises? If I did go straight into that, would it be harder to change to a different field later without much bedside nursing experience? Is there room to advance in that field? Thanks! I'm really curious about this!
  6. RN_waitlister

    What to do while I wait 2 years to get into the Nursing program?

    Yes "CECE,RN", maybe I should just not worry too much about it and take advantage of the no homework situation. I do have all the Pre-reqs done already, so that's why it's such a dumb waiting game. LOL! "greenfiremajick", maybe I should take the waitlist into my own hands and make it a little shorter! Bwahaha! Well, maybe some of them will change thier minds and I won't have too.
  7. Hi! I'm doing a complete career change and going back to school to become an RN. I'm stuck on a 2-year waitlist though . Soooo, this gives me 2 years to prepare for the program and the Nursing profession in general. I'm going to keep my current full-time job and will be doing an Emergency Medical Responder course in the evenings and plan on working as an entry-level Paramedic on the weekends starting this winter. That'll get my feet wet in the medical field and get me experience with patient care. I'll also try to volunteer at a hospital - if I have the time! Any other ideas of things to do that will help prepare me for the Nursing Program? I've already got the prerequisits and electives done (the ones that are able to be done before the program anyways). So now it's just a waiting game. Anything that I could study till then? I bought an anatomy/physiology book to look through. I have Anatomy flash cards too. Any good Nursing books that would be helpful? Any other activities that would help me prepare for Nursing that you can think of? Thanks!!!
  8. RN_waitlister

    Confessions of a 30-Something RN Grad

    This post and all these comments pump me up so much! I am on a 2-year waitlist for a 4-year RN program and I just want to get started now!!! I'm so looking forward to a challenge and a change! I'll be 30 when I start the program. I'm done all the pre-reqs and electives from past College time, so for now, I just have to wait (). Hearing about this crazy test motivates me to start studying now though. for the next 2 years while I wait, I'm going to start reviewing anatomy and physiology. Any other recommendations to start studying and preparing for the program? Books? Thanks and goodluck to everyone doing the test!! How exciting it must be once you find out you passed!