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    My Future with Nursing...Unsure!

    I have a slight dilema(ish). I am a very indecisive person so I am looking for anyones input on this situation I am having. I recently got dropped out of my LVN program which is a private school in California. I recently started attending classes at my local community college to pursure a degree in business(my dream career). I was very discourage in going back to my LVN program because of the fear of failure. Recently me and a friend were talking about school and I was telling her I want to start working at a good paying job to help my mom out. I like nursing. But I love business. If i stay the route I am in and do my business thing I will be in school for a good 3 years to get my Bachelors. If I do decide to go back to my private LVN school I will only need 10 months left then I will be finish with something. If I do decide the LVN route I plan on doing an LVN to BSN program fully online to work full time and go to school at the same time. I plan on staying in the healthcare industry and work my way to management from there. And going through the LVN route will help me help my mom financially faster. I am a CNA at the moment at a acute hosipital for 4 years now and I am 23 years old. The question is...follow my dreams or suck it up and do whats right....I know its a dumb thing to ask peoples opinions on. But I just want more opinions. Overall, my friends want me to go the LVN route. Thanks for any advice.