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funvirgoRN has 12 years experience and specializes in pediatrics.

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  1. funvirgoRN

    How many of you have experienced medication errors?

    I believe that medication errors are avoidable. Some things I use to avoid med errors are to take my time and focus only on one thing at a time. When I'm rushing or distracted there's a higher chance of error. Also I make sure to check the meds against the mar. Doing this has prevented a lot of med errors. Pharmacy may not give the correct dose or old dosages of meds may not have been taken out of the cart. Also its good to know or double check the dose. Doctors sometimes order meds that are incorrectly dosed. If you know what the range is for that med it makes those types of errors easier to spot. Another thing I do is always let the pt know what I'm giving them. Sometimes pts may self medicate or we may have incorrect dosages from what they were currently taking at home. Also I've had instances where the pts were informed during rounds that certain meds were to be held but the MD did not notify the nurse or write an order to hold med. By letting the pt know before hand it prevented them from getting a dose they weren't supposed to get.
  2. funvirgoRN

    30 yrs of nursing and I cannot find a job!

    Sorry not really feeling the pinch here. I live in a major metropolitan area and there are tons of jobs here for experienced nurses. A lot of the hospitals here have shortages, some have started hiring new grads.
  3. funvirgoRN

    Laid off after 38 years

    Since you haven't done bedside in awhile, try taking a refresher course. Your local board of nursing should be able to provide you with a list of schools that offer a refresher class, usu community colleges have them. Also consider travel nursing or looking for jobs in a different area. With traveling they are looking for nurses in various nursing fields even case management.
  4. funvirgoRN

    Nurses sound off! Steth belt clip or around the neck?

    I usually have mine around my neck initially. After my assessments I leave it at one of the nurse's stations until I need it again. I can't where that or my badge around my neck for too long as it causes me pain and headaches. The public ones I only use for isol pts.
  5. Here's the site for public health positions with the federal government. They usually have something available and they pay for you to get your MSN. http://www.usphs.gov/profession/nurse/
  6. funvirgoRN

    Call in sick, or risk getting patients sick?

    I had a similar issue. Instead of calling in sick I called the job to see if they needed me and if there was any way they could just cancel me for my scheduled shift. That way I'm not penalized. Another option is to come in sick and either let them send you home or tell them in the middle of your shift that you are too sick to work. Its not considered a call out and won't work against you. Besides, after doing that a few times your boss will encourage you to just call out when you're sick.

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