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  1. anybody enrolled or graduate of st dominic of savio college in caloocan?? need feedback thanks??? did you guys have any trouble securing you ATT in the US???
  2. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hey guys , so i took my PN exam yesterday !!!! it was nothing like it , and damm! those medication , for once i tought i was taking a pharmacy examination!!! got 16 sata i count them all, and got 85 questions, any way i just check our bon and got my ...
  3. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hi , a quick question!!!! do we have to use googles on droplet precaution patients? and when do we use googles i have all sort of answers in the practice exam that just dont jive thanks.
  4. NCLEX is in 3 days!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!

    hi, am taking my exam tuesday , dont know what to do !!!!!!!! how abut you cant relax right now i feel like a dead man walking this is my first time taking this exam and i am awfully tired any advice good pepole
  5. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hey thanks followingmydream, just notice that email i post it wrong!!!! oh, pls tyr to send it again pls.
  6. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hey,followingmydream! nice to heare from you again,,, indeed we should try to learn as much as we can ! we are at the mercy of this exam , lets juxt hope and pray that some of the question will go our way its go na be lest than a week for me till i ...
  7. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hey, quick question guys!!!! when are you gona roundof a math answer in nclex exam and when your not?
  8. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hey ckelly, gud luck on your exam, i belive its today right? God bless keep us posted
  9. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    thanks for the reply ckelly905, good for you as for me i am having episodes of panic attack, 12 days to go for me , i just dont know what to expect with this exam just cnant relax right now they say alot about priorityzation and infection right? and...
  10. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    thanks,amontalvo84 for the tips regarding my upcoming exam, kinda wondering though, have you seen the exam? and if so what does the exam is all about? is it like answering q from saunders,cram pn3000 does answering questions really help? thanks again...
  11. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hi ckelly 905, i belive ur exam is fast approaching mine is on the 3rd week, so how do you go over with review at this time ?
  12. Nclex pn second time

    yah, prado is right why would you try to register again thets the pearson trick is all about and see what will happen or maybe try 2 waite for 48 hrs if yr not in cali. leats just hope for the beast i wish you the luck
  13. Nclex pn second time

    hey, try to relax now the good thing nclex is over now, how do yah guage the last question, what do yah think? you git it?
  14. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hey guys, exam is fast aproaching and still have trouble with SATA any sugestions?
  15. NCLEX-PN study group!!!

    hi, i could be wrong, the answer is "B" due to low co2?