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  1. The most important thing is for you to obtain the help you need. Then go from there. In this case, you can not help others until you first help yourself. I understand your concerns about any possibility of not being able to be licensed as an RN, however, at this point your first concern must be obtaining the proper care for yourself.
  2. kobri331

    Treatment plan to place patient in seclusion

    Thank you very much for your post. I can see the therapeutic value in this case. In my post I was not clear about my difficulty with the treatment plan. There are times when seclusion is a necessity for the safety of everyone. The treatment plans I am concerned about are for children or adolescents who are not combative. These children just come out of the quiet room because they do not want to take time-out, due to different reasons, ie hyperactivity, oppositional defiant disorder, pushing limits - but the child is not combative. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
  3. At the facility where I have been working -through an agency -the treatment team makes treatment plans for the patient. These treatment plans are to be followed to the letter. These treatment plan orders for the patient to be secluded once the patient has received 3 redirections to stay in the quiet room for time out. I have a problem with these treatment plans. Has anyone else ran into this problem?
  4. kobri331

    4 W's on undergrad transcript

    If you are dismissed from a graduate school due to your GPA going down to 2.92 is there anything you can do to be accepted into another program? Thank you for any information