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  1. green_zebra

    2nd Degree BSN at RIC

    I just got accepted into the second BSN program. I was hoping maybe you all could answer some of my questions: - Are all of the second BSN students offered the chance to take four introductory courses in the first fall semester? - Are there clinicals in the first semester? - How many BSN students are there enrolled at one time? Thanks so much!
  2. green_zebra

    RIC-so confused

    I just got into the second bachelor's program. Yay! Could I ask, do all of the second degree students take NURS 220, NURS222, NURS223, and NURS 224 all in the first semester? I met with somebody from the department, and she lead me to believe that you have to be selected to take all four of these courses as a second degree student in the Fall semester. Thanks so much!
  3. green_zebra

    UMass 2nd degree BSN program

    I called UMass Amherst about the Second Bachelor's program. The administrator told me that the letters would be mailed on October 15. The wait is killing me!
  4. green_zebra

    College of Mount Saint Vincent- Manhattan Campus

    Could you let me know if they do classes and rotations in the summer? I already have two BA's. I'm not going to languish around in the summer. I just want to get the degree ASAP. Thanks!
  5. green_zebra

    College of Mount Saint Vincent in NYC

    I haven't heard anything about it, but I'd be interested to know! I'm applying for school there. I'm wondering if they give enough financial aid to render the cost comprable to a public college.
  6. green_zebra

    Free CNA training in Boston area

    http://www.longtermcarecareers.org/trnpgmdisplay.php?region_id=3&BY_SELECT=true lists some free trainings in the Boston area. The ones offering the programs are all listed as Institution type: Nursing Facility. I've called at least one ad on the Boston Craig's List and was told that they had a paid CNA training. At the time, I didn't take the training because I thought I wanted to stick with dog walking for a while longer. How silly of me. The Red Cross offers this training for $850, but that is a lot of money. The unpaid trainings also might get into the way of other work schedules, so it looks like a paid training is really the way to go.
  7. green_zebra

    Bunker Hill Community College?

    I was there too! The program director said that after they've invited the first round of people to apply, a wait list is also created. She said that the wait list tends to be pretty short, though. I wonder how BHCC creates the wait list. Do they specify a certain number of people who are ranked below the first round of invites? Is the wait list just of everybody who fulfills the preadmission requirements, but who didn't rank as high as the first round of invites? At any rate, good luck to you in your application process.
  8. green_zebra

    Bunker Hill Community College?

    Hi Folks, I plan to apply to the BHCC for the associates' degree, which would start in Winter 2010. Has anybody else here attended BHCC? What are the students like? What are the rotations like? Do you develop a nursing specalization during the program? Is it possible to get a job in the ER after graduation? How is BHCC regarded among potential employers? Really, I'd appreciate any and all information form other prospectives, current students, or alumni/ae. Thanks in advance!