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Hello, I am a single mom of two beautiful boys. I am currently enrolled in an ADN program and am finishing up my first semester. I am looking forward to the day when I become licensed.

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  1. Elizabeth Oliva

    You Know You Are a Nurse When...

    Very Funny ! I am only a student...but expected to graduate in December 2011 and I already understand the emotions toward the call lights, lol.
  2. Elizabeth Oliva

    Could I be the only reformed misfit in nursing school?

    I most certainly can relate. I had a tough upbringing in an alchoholic household. I always had a big heart but I strayed off hanging with my local neighborhood friends who were up to no good. I had my 1st son at 18 and my 2nd at 21 and had a 10yr turbulent relationship. I took the longggg route and began with my GED when I was pregnant with my 1st son. I then signed up for college and went on to pursue the field of culinary arts. I did graduate with an associates and even attempted to begin a career but in the end it was not a place for a young, single mom who needed to support two young boys. I ended up pn welfare and at that point wanted to become a nurse but was informed by the welfare office that I only had 8months left on welfare so I would not be able to embark on a 2+yr journey for nursing school. I decided at the time to become a medical assistant so that I would be able to work in a hospital setting while I finished pre-reqs for nursing school. It took me longer then I initially hoped for but here I am 6yrs later and in my last semester of nursing school. I do plan on getting my bachelors degree and who knows what the future holds. So....to answer your question, you are not the only reformed misfit . If we've made it this far then a) We must really want to be nurses and b) our experiences will make us strong nurses. GOOK LUCK!!!
  3. Elizabeth Oliva

    Getting overpaid. Should I tell payroll?

    LMAO you are HILARIOUS . I think God wants you to have fun this Summer too. But I think honesty is best. Maybe your honesty will work in your favor if a position opens.
  4. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    So here's my . I think you have a good chance in getting in based on your scores. I did not do so hot in science or math either. But your math is pretty good. They also look at pre-req's as well, because once in the program it can be difficult to simultaniously complete with your nursing classes. The program has good and not so good aspects as I am sure all programs do. We do have some great instuctors so it makes it easier. I am mid second semester and it's been a good ride so far, each semester, each exam and each day for that matter..is a step-by-step process. There are so many components to passing a semester (exams, clinicals and labs). But if you work at it and...want it...which is most important...it can be achieved. I wish you lots and lots of luck. Please keep me posted
  5. Elizabeth Oliva

    10 years later.. Remembering my first clinical patient

    Funny, funny story. I am a new student and I am very familiar with the anxiety and pretending to be working on something while in clinicals so that my instructor leaves me alone hahaha. I hope to someday to be able to look back and say "what a ride".
  6. Elizabeth Oliva

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    Good afternoon, I am not too sure I understand you correctly. To become an RN, even at the associate level, it requires a profound understanding of the human body and it's functions. So someone who obtains their license by passing the NCLEX deserves to be a nurse, no matter what their history is. Nursing is a profession that NEEDS persons from all walks of life. As a nurse you will encounter many different people from many different cultures,economic status and beliefs. We need that same diversity with our nursing staff. I can understand that you do not want someone who is not interested as much in caring for the patient as they are interested in getting a "fat check", I too feel that nursing is one area that caring should be #1. But there will always be people that do not care they way they should, but I am sure with enough time in the profession they may start looking for another job..and not in nursing. Try to be more "open" about these individuals you may be surprized and come to find out that some will make great nurses.
  7. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    Great! Well Good Luck. Yesterday was our first day. 3hr lecture and loads of reading to do. Breathe breathe is all I can do to stay calm, oh and read, read. LOL:clown:
  8. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    Are yo starting with us tonight? 1/12?
  9. Elizabeth Oliva

    What should I expect? New nursing student, begining Jan 2010.

    Thanks to everyone who put in there :twocents:. I really appreciate it and will utilize all of your suggestions. I really would like to do well. I know that it will be a challenge and that there will be some ups and downs. But I am READY. Ready to learn, ready to experience and ready to be surrounded by other people that share the same interest as me . I am sure that this will be one of the most memorable experiences in my life:yeah:
  10. Elizabeth Oliva

    What should I expect? New nursing student, begining Jan 2010.

    Thanks for the advice. I am a nervous nelly because I want to do well. So I can see that this trait will prove benificial to me in the long run while in school. I am so very interested in health. I actually work in a cardiac unit and have so for 5yrs. I also have a backround being a medical assistant. I pray that with my experience and true interest I will do well.:redbeathe But that still does't make me feel like I wont want to freak the first day of class:eek: lol
  11. :heartbeatSo I was accepted into a program, starting 1/12/2010. I am relieved, excited and very NERVOUS. What can I expect? Do any of you have any suggestions on what things I should do in order to excel. I was never the A student and received my GED after having my two sons. I whole heartedly want this and I want to do well. This is my dream. Any helpful hints???? Thanks!
  12. Elizabeth Oliva

    omg, guys i just got accepted into the nursing program

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I also was just accepted. I def cried-felt like I won the lotto. Now I am just nervous,excited..many emotions all rolled into one. May the next few years be full of excitement.:redbeathe
  13. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    Christina, you really should try to stay with the program for "Jan 2010". You do not want to miss this opportunity. I know how hard it can be. I have two sons as well, ages 8 and 10. I am re-arranging my work sched and taking them out of their after school program so that I can save the money to pay my brother's girlfriend to watch them at night. So I def know how hard it can be. If you do not accept the invitation for the night program, I am pretty sure they will not consider you for the day. Since there are so many people trying to get in. I really hope I see you next month.
  14. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    thanks! and good luck to you:up: i know all too well about the anxious wait. i would go home every day and check the mail..like a crazed lunatic. i am sure you will hear something very soon. the actually phoned me though and informed me, then stated that i would receive all the details in the mail. so if you get a phone call from rcc..it just may be them. good luck!!!
  15. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    Hey Christina...guess what . I Got in . So we shall be seeing eachother in Jan. I will make sure to introduce myself.
  16. Elizabeth Oliva

    Did anyone hear back from RCC yet?

    Hopefully we will see eachother January 2010:D What is your name btw..that way I will remember you if we both should get in.