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  1. marcelinho

    Tips for a Quality Analyst Position

    Thank you so much for your reply! I will be starting on the 16th on my job and I am excited but at the same time a bit anxious of what I will do. Basically, I will be working mostly with nurses and the quality management team about nurses' performance, problems and other issues all for the best health care and continuous improvement of quality. The concept of quality management is quite new to the hospital and I expect a lot of hard work here. Thank you very much for the wisdom shared. I am really hesitant at first since it is not really the typical nursing work. Having read what you shared about working with a lot of people and having a network, I am relieved about the direction my career is heading to. Thank you again and God bless!
  2. Hello everyone! I am about to accept a job offer for the position of quality analyst. At 25 years old and with one year experience at the Critical Care Unit, am I doing the right thing here? I still want to practice the regular nursing profession but opportunities in our place are limited to none at all. I am thinking that if I get to penetrate the hospital, my chances of having a regular nursing job would increase. Right now, I am having cold feet. I have done some research about the expectations from my job but I still want to learn a lot in preparation for the job. Any tips out there? How about books, websites and other tutorials? Thank you very much and God bless you all!:)
  3. hi! were you sucesfull in finding hospital administration manual, manchester triage algorithms, emergency procedure flipcards? if yes, can you help me find them? thank you
  4. hi! initially, i was planning to do the bridging program but upon receiving the response from my inquiry at hollywood private hospital, i decided to look at other course providers. so there, got to look for another options but really, Curtin Univ. is expensive so i am trying to look for sponsors
  5. hi bling! thank you so much for the information. i already have the letter from NMBWA since August but I was really thinking of the expenses and all. after reading your posts, i was encouraged. thank you so much and hope to keep in touch with you again!
  6. hey armiRN! how much did you pay again for the half of the tuition at Curtin? can you also give us an idea about the expenses for the whole application process? thank you very much!
  7. half a semester? i see. might as well inquire from Curtin. thank you for enlightening me Cheers!
  8. it is nice actually especially if you have the money ryan09. i am just puzzled regarding armiRN's reply of 11k for the half payment of tuition because if this is the case, then I'll proceed with this pathway.
  9. hi armiRN! i am marcelinho. how did you process your application at Curtin? and how much will be the cost for the bridging program? i also have the letter from the board but i am still undecided if i will continue with Hollywood Private Hospital or not since it is alreeady full. the program will start by february? thanks!