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  1. VespaLPN

    Austin Regional Clinic

    I'm curious, also. Moving from GA to Austin this summer.
  2. VespaLPN

    new grad opportunities in around Austin, TX

    I'm an LPN moving to the NW Austin area in June. We were going to move in Feb, but decided to save some extra money up, just in case. I will work on my RN starting this year. Is a Dr. office position pretty easy to get there? I have started calling offices to get emails and fax numbers for my resume. Any advice on this long distance job search, since I am a new nurse (just under a year-LTC), and moving halfway across the country? Thanks! Kim
  3. VespaLPN

    LPNs Fight Efforts To Phase Them Out

    I have a few residents on liquid meds, and I use a 10cc syringe to measure these meds. But, if I had no choice but a cup, I for dang sure would put it on a flat and level surface.
  4. VespaLPN

    Moving back to Texas

    I am relocating to Austin, and I never realized how many hoops to jump through to get into the apts that I like in NW Austin without a job offer, yet. I plan to work on my RN degree, so I was hoping Dr. office positions would be available, so that I could go to prereq classes at night. I have now been in LTC for almost a year. Any advice?!? :) Thanks, Kim
  5. VespaLPN

    How do you balance your med pass?

    Being so new, I was stressing about med pass times. I have 2 halls, and you finish one in a decent time, you go to the other hall, and a CNA comes and gets you about a patient back on the first hall. It's like "argh!", because you were just with that resident 5 minutes ago. I find the nurse who comes in next affects my anxiety, too. My stress level is higher for a certain nurse that enjoys "eating her young", that is my relief going into my days off. We talked about that at school, luckily. I try to put up a wall, but I do get driven into tears, sometimes.
  6. VespaLPN

    Nursing Home Blues

    I have been an LPN for less than 2 months and working LTC. We have 180+ beds, with 3 stations. My station has 3 halls, and I work 2 of them, one of them being rehab/medicare. It's rough for a new grad, and I feel I have just stepped out of a blender when I get off from my 7 pm-7 am shift...more like 8 am after faxing orders, etc. I was originally going to work a hall with just regular residents and the rehab hall is really rough, and I may be switching to a regular hall on another station in a couple of weeks. What stinks is some of my long term residents on my regular hall have really gotten attached to me, I'm their favorite, and I will miss taking care of them. I realize this is something I will have to get used to, but you really do get attached to them, esp. the ones with no family or just a couple of dusty old pictures with broken frames. It's heartbreaking sometimes, and I do like to take a few minutes to visit with them and hold their hands when I can.
  7. VespaLPN

    Would you ever own a motorcycle? YES or NO?

    I have been riding for years.....started with mopeds, moved up to vintage scooters and motorcycles up to 1800cc's, so I have experience on a lot of bikes. My favs are my scooters and my 1973 Honda CL350 Scrambler (it's just so damn nimble!), and yes, after a lot of close calls in South FL, I finally broke my wrist in an accident riding just outside of Nashville. I didn't feel up to riding, and NOW, when I don't feel like riding, I DON'T go! I should have listened to that little voice back then....
  8. VespaLPN

    Literature needed to put Nursing School into prespective

    Mmmmm....a man that can cook! Mine can heat up things in the toaster oven or spoon out food I cooked in the crock pot!
  9. VespaLPN

    Exercising while in NS...

    I did swimming because our county pool was open from 6 am to 8 pm, but recently cut back on hours. It was tough, but I could squeeze in 3 days, usually. I was the only student in class to not gain weight, but I've been too broke to pay for the pool, so during the time off waiting for boards I gained back what I lost....sucks!
  10. VespaLPN

    Man eaten by maggots

    That is my daughter's biggest fear...maggots eating at her! OK, my question is how could you not HEAR the maggots? They make that wiggling, squishy noise. Also, necrotic tissue, even though the maggots were eating it, had to have had some kind of odor, I'm thinking? How could the partner not smell something? This is so sad and very terrible.
  11. VespaLPN

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took my PN in GA yesterday and was unnerved afterwards and tried the trick...I got the good pop up yesterday and today. I was so nervous because ATI said I had a 97% chance to pass, and then I took it and was flabbergasted at the number of meds I have never even encountered...I had no Drug Calc, which I thought was weird or a bad sign, but I've seen other people on here that didn't have any Drug Calculations, so it helped me relax a little. I had to drive almost 200 miles round trip and felt really sick afterwards. I hope the good pop up means I passed, too. And my , I wish they would put those furious keyboard slappers taking some kind of data entry exam in a separate room....yeesh! They were SOOOOOO loud!!!
  12. VespaLPN

    Nurse Campy Fancy Pants!

    I worked in animal care for years, and still have scrubs from those days. For fun, at Nursing school, on lab days I would wear my "...... Animal Hospital" monogrammed scrubs with my name. I find fun in the smallest of things. My mom was an LPN in the 70's and became an RN in the 80's...she wore white polyester-type dresses with white pantyhose, the cap, and all leather white shoes (we would have to air them out every night...haha!). I would not be able to do pantyhose everyday, and the white pants are bad on "certain days". The white scrub top is a good idea. It is hard to tell who is who, esp. when those nametags flip around, I would be at a clinical trying to peek at a flipped nametag, so I knew the name of who I was working with. As far as caps go, I have a pixie cut, so bobbie pins to hold that rascal on would be a problem!
  13. VespaLPN

    Literature needed to put Nursing School into prespective

    My experience before Nursing School was food service, motorcycle shops, military (fire dept dispatcher), and for most of my years a vet tech. My mom was a nurse (she is now my nurse guardian angel), so I resisted the Nursing profession. I started before she passed, but she was soooo happy I started. The man in your life, sounds like my hubby...hates his job, comes home, flops out and plays video games and I even would have to beg for the laptop to get my hybrid and online classes done. Unreal. I just took boards yesterday, so hopefully I will be working real soon. I worked part-time (almost 30 hours in 3 days) as a convenience store clerk. I recommend working very light part-time or not at all. It was a struggle to study and get homework done. You don't have kids...it's a good thing for you for studying right now, but as for me, when I was in tears, picturing my daughter's face helped me pull through! As soon as you crack open a book, your kid's will start in on you..."I'm hungry" (and they just ate!), etc. Stick with it no matter how difficult things seem or how much of a pain your other half becomes. Ask him what he would like to go to school for, and remind him that he can trade off and go to school while you work...that's how I did it. When we move to Texas, he's going to go back to college. I love my Saunders Student Nurse Planner (it's ragged out now!) and also I love my Survival Guide to A&P. I love small books I can tote anywhere....your school textbooks will fill up a bookshelf, trust me! Good luck, and try what I suggested. A person who doesn't want you to better yourself has an issue with themselves.
  14. VespaLPN

    Problem nurses falling through the cracks

    I 100% agree that credit reports should not be a part of hiring. Being in school for so long has made it hard to survive and feed my family, let alone worry about my credit score. I have had to buy 3-4 days worth of food to feed a family of 3 with $10...and it sucks. I took my boards yesterday, and I'm very anxious to get the results and get back to work. I'm also a military vet, and went for a job in the 90's (911 dispatcher, which was my military experience). I had to drop out from the application process because my exhubby messed up my credit at that time before we divorced, Coral Gables did credit checks for the job, and I thought that it was stupid back then...they said it was for people to not be tempted to take bribes. In the meantime, I HAVE worked out alternate forms of credit through my bank (like a line of credit on my account, etc...that boosted me a few points). I would hate to have suffered all this time barely getting by, to not get jobs because of my credit score. As for the article....I remember my mom telling me about her nurse coworkers stealing drugs in the 70's and 80's, and I think that if you already have a tendency to be drug abuser, that getting into a career that could be so tempting for you was a bad idea. I can't even take painkillers when I need them, so I know I will face no temptation whatsoever. There are other careers that help people that you could have chosen, without any drugs around to tempt you. Just my opinion.
  15. VespaLPN

    travel time to school

    12 miles one way to school, clinicals for me vary from 15 miles to 50 miles one way.