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  1. jdm33351

    Passing grade for your nursing school

    At my school passing is 73% and above, and you SERIOUSLY have to work your butt off even to get a 'C'. Students who fail the first couple nursing theory and math classes usually get booted out of the program. They have to do remedial coursework plus a 16-week class on how to succeed in college. If they successfully complete the remedial stuff they become eligible to re-apply for admission.
  2. jdm33351

    ATTN Peds nurses

    Yesterday I got into a debate with one of my clinical instructors (who's also a pal of mine, by the way) about who is ultimately responsible for what happened to the kid in this news article. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20031219/ap_on_he_me/hopkins_potassium_death In case the link doesn't work, it is a news item about a 2 year old oncology pt at Johns Hopkins. The little girl's IV was overloaded with K+ and she died from hyperkalemia. The instructor insists its the nurse's fault because he/she was responsible for monitoring the pt and keeping the physician up to speed about what's going on. He also insists that the nurse is ultimately responsible because it was he/she who administered the IV and not the physician. That may be true but isn't the physician equally to blame? My question is, how could they arbitrarily give a K+ loaded IV over a three day period, especially to a 2 year old kid, and not notice ANY signs of hyperkalemia? Any comments?
  3. jdm33351

    So Discouraged.

    you're just expecting too much from yourself. I was also an 'A' student until I started nursing school. I've been in exactly the same situation you're in and scared half to death about getting a 'C' or an 'F' and watching my GPA nosedive afterwards. You have to bring yourself to a point where you can accept that its more important to do your best to successfully complete the program than it is to get an 'A' all the time.
  4. jdm33351

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    I was one of only 4 guys in a class of over 60 when I started nursing school. There were a few other guys but only three of us made it to the end of the semester. But, the girls have all been really cool, and its actually been fun hangin' with them so far. We were all trying so hard to make the final cut that none of us had time to even think about the gender issue. I know quite a few other guys who said they wanted to do the nursing program but most of them drifted away after they saw the A&P, chemistry, and micro prerequisites.
  5. jdm33351

    Set you up to fail?

    I heard that about the nursing program at my school, too. (I wonder if we go to the same school?) I know how discouraging its been for a lot of people because quite a few gave up and dropped out. But, there's two ways of looking at the situation: From what I've heard, some nursing schools structure their program around knowledge and they test students based on how well they retain the texbook stuff. Other schools structure their program around critical thinking, and they couldn't care any less about textbook descriptions of the nursing process. I'm in a program that follows the latter format, and I was very surprised at most of the questions that came up on the tests. Sometimes, all the options in the multiple choice are correct, but you have to choose the one that is the MOST correct, and it can get pretty confusing. They're more interested to know that can apply knowledge to a critical real life situation rather than how well you can remember definitions and normals. My personal opinion is that the critical thinking approach is better for nursing students in the long run because it is the format that is used in the NCLEX exam. The trick is knowing how to interpret these type of nursing questions. I recommend Test Success by Nugent. You can buy it used dirt cheap on e-bay or half.com, and its well worth getting because it has some pretty good tips and rationales on how to interpret these types of questions and it shows you all the tricks and distractors to look out for. If it wasn't for this book I doubt I would have passed my first nursing course.
  6. jdm33351

    Should I take the final A&P I??

    When I applied to nursing school, there was a 2-year waiting list to get in and I used to get a lot of very discouraging advice from everyone. But I applied anyway, and I got accepted even though I had a few Bs and a C. A lot depends on the school because sometimes they look at your overall GPA and not just how well you do on one course.
  7. I read this story on Yahoo news today and when I first saw the headline I thought the guy was a psycho. But it turns out the murders were actually mercy killings. Would you help a terminally ill patient die, especially if you felt no one would ever find out what you did? I remember that when this issue came up in medical ethics there was a heated debate about whether it should be more morally acceptable to watch terminally ill patients suffer than to help them end their misery sooner. I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts about this.