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  1. Jennyy329

    How to Survive (and Thrive) in Nursing School

    thanks for sharing these tips =)
  2. Jennyy329

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    Reading all these posts gives me hope. I just failed my second nursing class. When I failed the first class, I told myself its okay, I will retake the class and I will just do better the second time around. I will just graduate an half year later then the rest of my classmates. I told myself that I can do it. But when I failed the second class, I was pretty devastated. I failed both classes by a C. Passing was a C+. Prior to nursing school, I never failed a class in college before (then again, passing grade was not a C+) so it was definitely a big stab to my ego. I was pretty ashamed of myself and on top of that graduation is right around the corner, and it makes me sad knowing that I couldn't graduate with the rest of my classmates.. I had a meeting with the assistant dean to my school and I already wrote an appeal letter and is currently waiting to be evaluated for re- admission. I won't find out whether I will get re-admitted or not until the first week of June. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! Failing two nursing classes did make me question whether nursing is right for me though. How can I make a good nurse when I failed not one, but two classes? But then I realize I will definitely have a much stronger foundation the second time around. Reading all these posts definitely gave me hope though. Thank you guys! I will make it the second time around and I will be do better then ever.
  3. Jennyy329

    Interested in L&D nursing.

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a nursing student pursing my ASN. I have one more semester until I graduate so I'm a bit anxious about my future. I'm currently doing my obstetrics rotation and I absolutely love it there. I really loved the role of nursing in the nursery, L&D and postpartum. I know that a lot of hospitals are only hiring BSNs now. I'm thinking of becoming a L&D nurse. I know that a lot of hospitals want new graduates to have at least couple of years of med surg before entering hiring them into L&D. I was recently looking up information for doulas. I was wondering if getting certified as a doula would put me more of an advantage in getting hired in L&D. Thank you all for your help! :)
  4. Hi all, I'm currently entering my last year of my career as a nursing student and hopefully will soon be out in the real world looking for a job. I've always been interested in working for non-profit organizations such as Unicef, American Red Cross, Childfund International and I was wondering if anyone knows if they hire nurses or not. I've been doing research on their website and so far, I haven't found any employment postings for nurses. They must need medical personnels. Right? Job hunting is probably too soon for me since I'm not even done with nursing school yet, but I'm just curious. :) I doubt they would even hire new nurses. Thanks.
  5. Jennyy329

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    hey everyone! i just got my mail today and i was hoping that it was good news.. and i got accepted! i'm currently in the traditional program. i'm so relieved! congratulations to all who got in! =) looking foward to meeting you all!
  6. Jennyy329

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    hey everyone! thank you for everyone's advice! i really appreciate it! =) i was a little bit disappointed yesterday when i found out that they're not done with the reviewing of the applications. i want to find out my results already! i guess we have to be a little bit more patient. lol best of luck with everyone ladies! oh btw, i'm considering goingfor the ATOP program. during my interview, the person who interviewed me suggested that i could consider the ATOP program since i have most of my liberal arts and sciences done. i didn't attend the orientation, so i'm not sure what exactly the ATOP program but from what i understand, the classes are crammed into three days instead of spaced out during the week? can anyone clarify this for me? thanks!
  7. Jennyy329

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hi ladies! I hope everyone had a great mother's day weekend too.. sorry for being a bit late on that. =) Finals are coming up soon and I'm so anxious to get the semester over with! Right now, I need a little bit of advice and I hope you guys could help me. Currently, I'm a student at Hunter College and for the past two years, my goal was to get accepted into the Hunter nursing program. I know it is very competitive, but I would hate myself if never tried for it. Yesterday, I received my rejection email from them. I was devastated, but I applied to other schools too, like PBISN. A lot of people at my school who get rejected, stays for another year to try to boast up their gpa and apply again the following year, but I don't really want to waste another year like that. I have some friends telling me its fine, because they think I'm still young.. only 20. My goal before was to graduate with a BSN, but PBISN is only a ASN program. What do you ladies think? Do you ladies think that I should stay in Hunter for another year to boast up my gpa and apply again the following year? (but what happens if i get rejected again?) or should i go to PBISN if i get accepted and then work my way from ASN to BSN? I had some friends who advised me not to do that, because I am already in a four year college, that i shouldn't work my way back. As of right now, I have almost all of my liberal arts and science courses done. I can't wait to start my clinicals! Right now, I'm so nervous about whether I get accepted into PBISN or not. I just emailed them. I got rejected from one school already.. I don't know if I can face another rejection in the course of two days. lol. Oh, btw, I found out my NLN score. I have a composite score of 135. Thank you all for your advice and sorry for writing such a long post! =)
  8. Jennyy329

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    hey everyone. i had my interview today. and you guys were right. its not that bad. my interview ended up being about one and half hours long and i think it went pretty okay. it was a nice experience. here's the latest update i found out from the person who interviewed me today. about 900 people applied for program and about 20 people have accepted so far for a program which only has about 100 seats. as of right now, they have already interviewed about 40 people and have another 50 or so people left to interview. they are going to hold a meeting next monday to decide who to accept and review everyone's file who had already been interviewed. we should all get our letters within the next two weeks i believe. good luck to all! this is all so nerve wrecking! oh. and i originally was planning to do the traditional program, but the advisor told me since i had a finished a lot of the liberal classes, i can think about doing the ATOP program. i'm trying to decide right now.
  9. Jennyy329

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    hey everyone. sorry for the late reply! i've been busy with school work and everything lately. a lot of people seemed to have asked me the famous question of what i got on my NLN. to be honest, i still don't know. i took the exam during the end of march, and i've been waiting anxiously everyday for NLN to send the score. i didn't take the NLN at PBINS though. i took it somewhere else. i believe PBINS recieved everything that i sent them sometime of the beginning of april because i gave them a call and they told me they finally recieved everything and then i recieved a call from them about a week ago. right now my interview is tomorrow. i'm so nervous that i'm worrying over stupid things. like.. whether my interview is actually tomorrow or not. haha. when i got the phone call from them, i was actually out on the streets so i couldn't really hear them correctly where to go for the interview. they said they sent me an email but i never recieved anything. so to be on the safe side, the interview IS at 776 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Fl. New York, NY 10001-6354 right? and.. i read that some of you had interviews that lasted for as long as two hrs!? oh my goodness.. but.. thank you for everyone's advice though. i greatly appreciate it!
  10. Jennyy329

    Beth Israel Nursing School NYC

    Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I've been looking around this forum since the I decided that i wanted to major in Nursing and become a Nurse. I've been looking for advice on the forum since the nursing school applications are so long and grueling. Anyway, today I got a call from PBISN to notify me of my scheduled interview. Its next tuesday! I feel so nervous! I was wondering if you guys have any pointers or any advice. What should I wear? Was the interview long? I'm so sorry to bombard you guys with questions. I just feel nervous! Thank you!