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    Getting through Pre-Requisites @ Schoolcraft.....

    Hey gstahl4 ... we will be in the same Chemistry class in the fall. I also have AP 237 all day on Friday and I am registered to take the TEAS in November. I took BIO 101 in the spring and Algebra this summer. I got the scoop on the numbers already enrolled in the ADN program about a month ago from a memeber of the adminstration. The Fall class of 2010 is full and there were already 74 in the class of 2011. I will be applying to the ADN program in December, but I am also gonna apply to some BSN programs (WSU, EMU, Madonna -no wait I hear- and UofM) and see what happens. I am still employed fulltime (well reduced to 32 hours) in a unrelated field. I really don't want to wait until the Fall of 2012 to start the nursing program as I will only have 4 more pre-requisites to take for the ADN program while waiting, but I will have 4 or 5 additional classes (all BIO and CHEM) to take as prerequisites for a BSN. We shall see. Best of luck and I'll see you in Chem on August 26th!