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  1. Hi,I'm from an area about an hour west of Columbus, Ohio and currently work in a LTCF as a nurse aide while I am going to nursing school. The facility I work at is ALWAYS needing RNs. Currently, we need RNs on a weekend evening basis, a 2nd shift RN, a 3rd shift RN, and two administrative RN positions. The facility is a 106 bed skilled nursing facility and is very, very nice. I know they pay RNs pretty nice for the general area we live in. Granted, the wages for RNs here compares nothing to a new grad in the bay area. Also, with a BSN I can about guarantee you that you could have a salary position in less than 6 months if that is a direction you would like to consider.If your interested and want more info you can email me at: claytonofdenmark@aol.comThanks and Good Luck! :)