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  1. good day. i just wanted to know what are the requirements for a filipino nurse wanting to work in switzerland? i have read that you have to speak the german or french language fluently. aside from that, what else are needed? i have given up on applying in the united states already. im sure switzerland wont be any easier but i would just want to know the requirements. thank you so much :)
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    The Medical City

    OT: hi *eosinphil*! i wanted to message you privately but i cant seem to do it :c anyway, i was just wondering since i read your previous posts that you got accepted in cardinal yet you are now applying in medical city? its just that i had an interview and initial exam in cardinal today..just wanted to ask a few things :) sticking to the topic..will try to apply in medical city as well!! tried applying there last year and they havent called at all :c