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  1. alicia77

    Future AA Student needs info please!

    Thanks for looking. I thought it was a long shot posting about AA in a nursing forum. THanks for the link, I have already visited. I have posted in some other forums.
  2. I am wanting to get into the Anesth. Asst. program but I have lots of questions. I have done a bit of research, but asking real live people always works best for me. Background: 23yo female Univ of Florida graduate with Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nutrition. Still living in Florida and wanting to work in Florida after schooling. What type of financial aid is available for this program? Grants, scholarships, etc.? Are there positions readily available upon graduation? Any tips on how to strengthen application for applying to schools and then to jobs? Are there any opportunities to contract for paid education before program begins? If such opportunities are available, who may I contact for information or to make arrangements? Can you you offer tips for MCAT preparation such as successful study materials, etc.? Any and all info is apprecaited. While I wait for a reply, I will search this site and read questions posdted by others. Thanks in advance! Alicia