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  1. GiGiOm

    You Just Can't Fix Stupid!

    He definitely qualifies for the Darwin Award! Sheesh!
  2. GiGiOm

    Returned to chaos today

    Bless your heart! That sounds like a nightmare first day back. I was a supervisor in LTC, and I have to agree with the other comment. Where was your nurse supervisor during all this? It sounds like the facility got stuck with a lemon from the agency, and that she just didn't want to be bothered with it. Wow!
  3. GiGiOm

    I don't think I can do this anymore...

    I am so glad not to be alone in this. Thank you for expressing what you are feeling so articulately. I also feel the same way. I have nursed for twelve years in multiple areas. I've always enjoyed learning something different. But lately, I just want to keep on driving when I reach the turn-in to the hospital. Press Ganey has destroyed morale for nurses. It's gotten downright Orwellian at my hospital. If you don't get your patients to fill out a survey and mention you, you must not be a good nurse. Well, I don't need my name mentioned in a survey to know what kind of nurse I am! I care about my patients' outcome. That is more important than a stinking survey with my name on it! I don't believe in sticking surveys under sick people's noses when they are at the hospital to get better. And the throughput is unbelievable now! They just slam people through the doors as fast as possible. We got two admissions in at the same time. One was coding as soon as we got them in the bed and the other was having chest pain from an acute MI! We had to choose between coding someone and tending to someone's MI! I felt horrible when I got off work, like I just hadn't done my job well. I know it's impossible to "schedule" admissions, but we shouldn't have even gotten the patient who was coding! That patient should have gone to ICU (I'm in stepdown). And people DO feel so entitled these days. The patients who are the sickest and neediest end up getting the short end of the stick because a routine surgery patient who happens to have sleep apnea (and has to be monitored overnight) is on the call bell with a new demand every five minutes - and their family is at the nurses station every ten minutes! So the sick patients who need the care get screwed. I'm just very frustrated. I am also sick and tired of never getting out on time and never getting finished with report on time, waking up hurting all over and feeling sick even when I'm off because I was so stressed and pushed for three twelve hour shifts in a row! So, I'm joining the growing number of disenchanted nurses who just can't do this anymore. Sorry this comment was so long!
  4. Nothing wrong with this at all from where I'm standing.
  5. GiGiOm

    I hate nursing..

    I'm glad I'm not alone! I have begun to hate nursing. I was always proud of my nursing degree and the fact that I am in a helping profession. Over the last three years, however, I have gotten a little bitter. It's becoming almost impossible in the hospital setting now. I am sick of the pressure to keep surveys coming. Personally, I think it is rude to shove a survey under a sick person's nose and say, "Hey, fill this out." I don't need a survey to know I'm a good nurse. My patients know I care about them and want a good outcome, and they thank me for my care. I rarely get mentioned on a survey because I don't give them one. Certain nurses I know have to be making their patients fill those things out at gunpoint, because their names always get mentioned. These very same people are the ones that won't rotate IV sites, won't take off orders that have been sitting on the chart all day, AND their patients are filthy when I walk in. So, I guess I'm sick of all the bull we are being subjected to. I hope all of you find your niche. I hope things get better. I am thinking about changing careers altogether. It's just not working for me anymore. It's sad. I'm a good nurse. I'm just so tired of all the fiery hoops I have to jump through to get to what matters - the patient.
  6. GiGiOm

    Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine

    Nobody should be forced to take a vaccination they do not want. Health care workers who are upset about this are not being hysterical. I don't think it's useful to get on this site and belittle nurses who are against this and see this as a slippery slope we are on from a civil rights perspective. It is illegal for us to force a competent, informed patient to undergo treatment he does not want. It's called battery, and we could end up doing time and paying a fine and losing our license for it. Last time I checked, I did not become nonhuman when I got my RN licensure (although many people in admin and the general public might seem to believe otherwise). The same rights should apply to us. No ifs, ands, or buts. Would you undergo a hysterectomy or a vasectomy if the government mandated it in the interest of protecting the public? It's an extreme example, I know. That said, it's been done before in a factory to the female workers. When you send a message that it's okay to force someone to submit to invasive treatment to keep his or her job, you open a big ethical pandora's box.
  7. GiGiOm

    Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine

    Oh, I'm sorry! Guess you don't understand the concept of analogy. I'm not engaging in a contest to see who can get the last word. I was simply pointing out a possible solution to this mandatory vaccination nonsense. I'm not against vaccines. I am against fast-tracked vaccines that have side effects potentially worse than the disease itself. Especially when many of the makers of said vaccines don't want to take it themselves. So, whatever. Disagree if you want to. You've got your opinion. I've got mine.
  8. GiGiOm

    Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine

    Whatever! I guess if a company wants to brand us like cattle as proof that we work for them, that's not a human rights violation either. Get real!
  9. GiGiOm

    Nurses file lawsuit over mandatory flu vaccine

    Why are these nurses not calling the American Civil Liberties Union? I posted this on a related thread, but that would be the thing to do. This is a clear-cut human rights violation and should treated as such!
  10. There is an organization out there for people whose civil liberties are at risk. It's called the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). The most productive thing nurses who are mandated to take this vaccine could do right now is get online with an SOS letter and get this organization involved.
  11. 'Scuse me. It's not exactly new, but it's got side effects. I went online and researched it. I do not remember my source, but I linked it on my facebook page. It has been fast tracked. I've read up enough on it NOT to want to take it, and that is my choice and will continue to be my choice until I see something that convinces me otherwise. Do what you need to do, and I'll do what I need to do. I personally think the hysteria I'm seeing does not justify mandated vaccines. Last I checked, the government and the public are not entitled to use my body as a test site simply because I am a nurse. I'm nobody's martyr. I can do something else that doesn't require martyrdom for crappy pay and crappier hours. And that's my stance on this issue.
  12. GiGiOm

    Comment NOW on the Future of Nursing

    I hate to sound cynical, but these people do not want the opinions of actual nurses or their input. If they did, they would have included nurses in the panel. Thanks, but no thanks. I think writing a proposal that no one on that panel is going to read is a complete waste of my time and energy.
  13. I know one thing: I will be slapping my resignation on the table if anyone tries to force me to take a fast-tracked vaccine that has been inadequately tested yet. I will not be forced to take a vaccine! We are not guinea pigs! The public can forget it, and they deserve to lose their nurses if they support treating them this way!
  14. GiGiOm

    Not properly trained for ER?????

    I did a lot of my student nursing in an ER. I loved it and was totally unprepared for working on the floor because it is so different. It's not a bad idea to get some adult med surg under your belt. That said, you have experience with emergencies that will give you an edge over a new graduate that has no experience whatsoever. Do some time as a tech in that ER. That will get your foot in the door. Then just go ahead and go for that ER job, since you like that kind of work and know you want to do it.
  15. GiGiOm

    Socialised Medicine the myths and the facts

    I think a single payer system is really the only way to go at this point. I don't see any seniors rescinding their medicare benefits for private insurance! But they don't seem to want young people to have decent access to health care. Shouldn't we make sure our young adults and middle adults are able to have access to health care without having their insurance canceled when they get sick and need to use it? After all, they're the ones who are still working. But I think we can forget anything but a gutted public option that nobody who is employed will have access to - unless their employers don't provide insurance. And if your employer provides a crappy policy, well, that is what you have to settle for. To me, this is not choice. This is only maintaining the status quo and making sure big insurance and big pharma is in the loop and their place at the feeding trough is maintained. I am unimpressed with the so-called reform on the table as it is. We deserve better than the rabbit turds they are attempting to feed us and pass off as raisins.