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    SIGH.....You know, it just never fails.

    Wow... what a day!!! I'm sure your patients are lucky to have you as their nurse!!!!
  2. The program sounds great but I think you guys should call them up and see how many of the "graduates" from this program find a job and if they do find a job how long did it take them to find it. Sorry for sounding skeptical but it bothers me to think that you are giving them your time (will provide patient care) and you have to pay them. I know you get all of these certifications but at the same time most nurses get this training during orientation. In this economy it would suck to dish out $4,500 and still not be able to get a job after it. find out if they also offer job placement!!

    Chubby Nursing Student****

    Hey there... I gained 25 pounds my first year... I couldn't believe it until I tried to squeeze myself in a pair of jeans and literally ripped the belt holders off my jeans ( )... In addition my mom told me my behind was way too wide (MEAN) I put myself on a STRICT regime. I used to run about 3-4 miles 4-5 times a week and was barely doing it 2x a month. So I CUT TV out of my life!!! Went to bed earlier, walked to the train station 2x a day (about 2.5 miles total)... cut the late snacking!!! If I was studying late, I MADE SURE that I only drank water (and lots of it) and if I felt very hungry I would snack on carrots, small fruit, or salad (no dressing). In addition, I made it a must to go to the gym on the weekends (bright and early) and I would come home and relax (SLEEP) and continue with the things I had to do... ALSO... I made breakfast my biggest/heaviest meal! This really helped me and sustained me till i had lunch. I stayed as far away from the vending machine as possible!!! I couldn't afford a new wardrobe, so I HAD to lose the weight... the only thing I bought myself were about 2-3 pairs of BLACK pants in case I couldn't wear my sweats. Good luck to you and remember you will lose the weight just stayed focused.