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  1. nursepink2

    Cheap online MSN / FNP programs

    Hey Tasha I am in the process of researching FNP programs and read the thread where you were pursuing your FNP in 2014. Just wanted to know how you are coming along in the program if you have not finished yet. I am really nervous about going back due to life changes that have occurred. I have 4 children and am trying to figure out how I will fit this into my life along with work and children. I know this is something that I want to do just don't know how to start.
  2. nursepink2

    Infection Control Issue

    Can someone please tell me why the "State" tags or sites a building for having gloves in the trash of residents? I can understand about dirty briefs due to hygiene and the smell, but when you finish completing patient care, where are you suppose to put the gloves if you are not suppose to come out of the room with gloves on and you are suppose to wash your hands before exiting the room? May be a stupid question, but I got to know.
  3. nursepink2

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    The sad face is because that is the only time that we all are together at one time. Anyway, you do seem to have your priorities in order. In my opinion I feel that you should go for it and if it seems to be too much for you then you should pull back, which I know you will. Becoming apart of a sorority is no different than joining any other collegiate organizations ie SGA, Honor Society, Student Nurses Association, etc... All of these organizations require that you give your time and with them as well as with a sorority, if it proves to be interferring with your priorities, then it is time to pull back and refocus on the prize and the important things.
  4. nursepink2

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    LOL.) We have 1 sorority meeting a month. So its not that bad. I think you should enlist your support system to help you during rush-i.e. mother, father, best friend, etc... someone who is supportive of your endeavors. In the end it will pay off. You will have formed a bond with some ladies that will last a life time. But above all that put God first,then your child, then yourself. With this you can do nothing but succeed. I don't know what your classification is in nursing school, but you will learn that prioritizing is the key to success.
  5. nursepink2

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    I agree. You do need some time to relax. The week before the HESI, I took time out for myself. I had studied all semester long for this doozy, because at the university i attend it determines whether or not you graduate. I ended up being the only student out of 20 to pass this test. I glorify God for this. I relaxed and spent some time with my kids and was able to let off some steam and anxiety before the test. This week, the other 19 students will be taking the HESI again and I believe God that they will too pass. ---Sorry if I offend anyone who does not believe in God. You can credit whomever your higher being is.
  6. nursepink2

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    This was a very tough time. In a way I felt guilty for not being able to be with my child but in another since this was my time to be a college kid again. I had my parents who were understanding and new that this sorority was one that I had wanted to join since I learned of their existence. It was 3 long months. The ladies were somewhat accepting of me being a mother, but made it clear that in life we must make sacrifices. I took this in stride as I do all things in life and realized that this too would pass. After I crossed, it was much easier. I was able to bring my daughter to chapter meetings sometimes, but did not like to make it a habit because the attention sometimes was mainly on my daughter and not on the business at hand. Then there was nursing school. Because of the rigors of school and being a mother, I spent less time being active in my chapter. This was understood by my sorority because one of our main focuses is AKAdemics. My community work was done by donating clothes to the Women's Shelter here in my home town and helping at church. So in a way I was still "being of service to all mankind."- our moto. And yes my sorority is one of the NPHC.
  7. nursepink2

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    Well Prettyladie, this is from someone who tried to be active within her sorority and raise two children all the while going to nursing school. If you are willing to have no sleep at all and half way fulfill your obligations to your priorities, then I say go for it! As for myself, God, my children, school, then social activities were tackled in that order. It may seem as if nursing school is forever, but it too shall pass then you can enjoy any social activities your heart desires. I'm not saying to devote your life to just children and school, because all work and no play will definitely stress Jane out. But I am saying that if you can make a calander that will include spare time that will not impede on your time with God, your children, and your studies then go for it. Because in the end, a sorority or any organization really doesn't want a member who half way does anything and it certainly doesn't want an under achiever.

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