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  1. lovered1224

    Is it required to take a class after your 3rd time failing?

    Wow, thats funny bc I have not scheduled the test again bc I need the funds as well. I live in the Tampa Bay area..you? If you are near by I would love to share pointers and help eachother out on the Dreaded test if you are up to it... thanks again!
  2. lovered1224

    Is it required to take a class after your 3rd time failing?

    Thank you...I should have mentioned it was Florida...do you know what all it entails? How long is the class?
  3. lovered1224

    Taking NCLEX for the 4th time Wednesday!!

    Good luck and know that people are thinking and praying for you!! You CAN do this and you just have to believe that in yourself!! Good luck tomorrow and take a deep breath! :)
  4. I have taken it twice and worried about failing the 3rd time around. I looked at the class that has been mentioned and it's very expensive! I was just curious if this was required or an option that people have? Thank you in advance!! :)
  5. lovered1224

    Welcome nclex november 2009 support group

    Thank you! I will def be looking on here for the support! Good lUck to everyone! We can all do this
  6. lovered1224


    I would say def. the infection control and prioritizing is a MUST!!!! Remember tho that all content is asked, but it's how they ask it...that's the important part. Good Luck!
  7. lovered1224

    Taking the nclex-rn exam for the 3rd time on oct.2

    I am taking my test for the 3rd time as well and hope everyone well on their next try. No one understands how it feels to see FAIL 2x's! It takes a beating on your ego and confidence, but we have to get up and try again! Like one of the writers said, we made it through Nursing school and we can make it through this as well. We are fighting for this title, which only means that we will appreciate it that much more!! Good luck to everyone!!!!!
  8. lovered1224

    Kaplan, should I buy or not?

    I would not waste your money on it unless you will feel more comfty with it. I bought it and I can tell you that you will learn the same things in the Kaplan book which is a lot cheaper as you would if you took the online course. It has all the techniques they use, how to prepare you. I would buy the saunders or mosby's book with lots of ?'s in it. Hope this helps :)
  9. lovered1224

    What to do after failing the NCLEX 2 times

    Thank you thank you to all of your kind words!!! I will be looking at these posts all the way through my studying time! I hope to be posting that I pass on my next go around! Thank you again :)
  10. lovered1224

    What to do after failing the NCLEX 2 times

    I just got my results and they were FAIL again!!! I am SO emotionally drained and just dont know what to do differently than I did for the last 2 tests! I have been doing ?'s from Kaplan everyday and looking up subjects I was not clear about. The ?'s on the NCLEX are SOOO different than the ones given as practice. I just can not believe that I failed again...anyone who can help me get through this, please!! Thank you
  11. lovered1224

    Taking the NCLEX for the 2nd time

    Thank you thank you thank you! That makes me feel much better! :) I was hoping that what I was hearing was wrong :)
  12. lovered1224

    2 Attempts Later, I passed the NCLEX-RN!!

    Most important...Congratulations!!!! Thank you for your notes and words, they really helpem me calm my nerves as I am going into the test for the 2nd time very soon! Knowing that yours shut off at 75 is a good sentence to hear bc I have heard otherwise! I will be thinking of what you talked about the dsay of my test! Thank you again
  13. lovered1224

    Taking the NCLEX for the 2nd time

    Does anyone or has anyone had an experience taking the NCLEX twice? I hear that we are automatically given 265 ?'s to answer since it is our 2nd time around...is this true, and if so do you know why? I am getting super nervous to take it again! Thank you for any information!