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  1. ilovecatsRN

    New Grad RN - Planned Parenthood

    I agree with Corky You may not want to red flagged as a new grad, I don't know the concensus in your demographics and whether it would be viewed as "ok"
  2. ilovecatsRN

    Call out to Houston Tx Nurses......

    :nurse:I know someone who works for DaVita and had the gastric bypass done. Don't know anymore details but that.
  3. ilovecatsRN

    TWU summer 09 Houston

    YeaH!!!!!! Me too!
  4. ilovecatsRN

    is your unit running out of supplies too?

    I totally agree! At my clinic, they were actually thinking of one way to save money for supplies was to get each pt their very own baggy of supplies! Right now we actually buy the sm individual rolls of paper tape. So the baggy would have a lg roll of tape and gauze for that pt. Any gauze that was left over from that day's tx would not be discarded but put into the baggy for next time. I think this is another way to contaminate other areas of the clinic and cause infections!.. Can you believe it!!
  5. ilovecatsRN

    Which floor on Ben Taub?

    Hi I am thinking about applying for a job at BT and wanted to know if anyone has any advice what medical floor I should apply for. There is 6E, 5C, and 5D. Does anyone have any insight to these particular floors? I am in a dialysis clinic, been an RN for a yr and would like to get into the hospital. Want to start out on MEDsurg to get my feet wet! Any insight or advice would be appreciated! Thanks:yeah:
  6. ilovecatsRN

    Microbiology Insturctors with Lonestar College advice

    I totally recommend Carol Crowder at North Harris. She is great!!