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  1. margeattack

    Queenslang Nursing Council

    thanks guys! all infos are very helpful
  2. margeattack

    Queenslang Nursing Council

    Hello. Is it okay if my application and the verification form, the one that will be sent by the PRC, will not reach the Queensland Nursing Council at the same time? This is what happened. I sent my application last Thursday and then that afternoon I went to PRC to submit my verification so that they could send it to QNC, however, I didn't know that it will take the PRC a whole week to process the document. Will there be a prob with my application if my application reach the QNC office first?? I already sent them an e-mail regarding this but i still haven't got any reply. Any information will be very helpful. Thanks!
  3. margeattack

    Queenslang Nursing Council

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so if anyone could just help me out. I have a few questions hopefully someone would just drop an answer or two I would really appreciate that. Thanks! 1. Regarding the application for QNC what exactly are the other documents that I need to submit to them along with my application form?? 2. The "Verification of your current registration" form will be coming from PRC (I'm form the Philippines, by the way) right? Exactly what department in the PRC office will I approach with regards to this form? Any information will be very helpful. Thanks very much.

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