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  1. JeffreyD

    New here, from Wayne state, few questions!

    WayneStateKatie. Thank you for the info, that sounds like more of the realism I have heard from other people as well. The reason my current GPA is a 3.1 is actually because I was previously in engineering and the higher level math classes, combined with some engineering classes, have pulled my GPA down a bit(calc 3, differential equations and some mid level engineering classes). I gained C's in most of those classes. I am not completely sure what my Biology GPA is, just my overall GPA. Could you send me some more information about the nursing sessions coming up? I tried to Private message you but it said I didnt have permission. My wayne ID is bb4318@wayne.edu . Thanks! -Jeffrey
  2. JeffreyD

    New here, from Wayne state, few questions!

    wow, I did not know that they take their own in priority to others. That IS excellent news, thank you for calming my nerves. I have been working my butt off in Bio classes, hopefully itll pay off!
  3. Hey guys, been browsing this forum for a while, just signed up recently to leave some feedback. I had a few questions if you have the time! I am currently obtaining a BS in biology from WSU. I am halfway through the program(expecting to walk Dec 2010). I have been wanting to get into nursing for awhile but dont believe I can get into a nursing program without a wait. My plan was to finish up my BS in BIO and apply for the accelerated program at any of the schools in michigan. Would this plan be more beneficial in the long run as opposed to trying to get into EMU or any other nursing school right now? I have looked at PA, but believe I would like to take the path in Nursing. It seems that the amount of time spent in school would remain the same, if not longer in the nursing program. Also, would I be getting into thin ice with a GPA of 3.1 trying to get into an accelerated program, or PA, if I eventually decide to? I still have a bit of time to get my GPA up, but my first year of classes hit my GPA hard and I have been recovering ever since.