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  1. tashasue

    transitioning from school to hospital

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I am excited.
  2. As a new graduate do any of you practicing nurses have any pointers for a successful transition from student to RN?
  3. tashasue

    RN with ADN vs. BSN

    I am about to graduate as an RN with ADN. What are the benefits by going on for my BSN, is it necessary, and can it effect where and how I practice?
  4. tashasue

    Really good case study for the critical thinkers

    this is a really good one. do you have anything that i can compare my answers to?
  5. Hi am working on my care plan and having some trouble with sorting out my strengths and weaknesses. I have a pt with 3+ pitting edema and is currently on lasix. the pt total I&Os are; total intake 940mL and total out put of 4500 mL. this makes an intake deficit of 3310 mL. How do I classify this, isn't this what we want? Thanks